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SunLink PowerCare Expands Solar Installation Services Into Northeast

SunLink PowerCare Expands Solar Installation Services Into Northeast


Highlighting the demand for its solar engineering, installation and O&M services for EPCs in the mid-range fixed tilt and tracker market nationwide, the PowerCare team from SunLink Corporation has expanded its installation services into the Northeastern United States. PowerCare recently completed installation services on a GeoProproject in Sheffield, Mass., is currently installing at a second GeoPro project across the state in Plymouth and is gearing up for 10 more projects in Massachusetts and Vermont in 2016. Simultaneously, the PowerCare team is also executing solar project services in North Carolina, Nevada and California.

“The mid-range tracker and fixed tilt ground-mount market is frequently neglected as mid-range projects tend to be beyond the capabilities of small or residential installers yet not large enough to attract the interest of most large EPCs,” explains Keith Beisner, head of SunLink’s PowerCare program. “By taking on installation and O&M of our fixed tilt and tracker products, our goal is to help our customers efficiently and successfully add projects in that range to their portfolio. In essence, we want to help them do more MWs.”

While the company’s partners remain focused on their core business, the SunLink team is able to provide:

Fixed tilt and tracking mounting systems that can be quickly configured to meet a wide-range of site conditions
Layout tools that efficiently optimize how the array fits the site
Short delivery lead times
PowerCare geotechnical engineering, with more than 1 GW of load testing experience
PowerCare field teams that can be quickly mobilized to provide expert SunLink system installation services and who have the know-how to troubleshoot on the fly and keep projects moving forward
Reliable, data-driven O&M for the life of the project through the VERTEX Project Intelligence Platform
EPCs who partner with SunLink for the design, delivery, installation and maintenance of the racking system benefit from the company’s full engineering, installation and O&M capabilities. The resulting efficiencies pull in schedules and lower costs, enabling consecutive, simultaneous or large portfolios of mid-size projects to be delivered seamlessly and more quickly.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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