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New electrode material developed to increase charge capacity of lithium batteries

Lithium batteries hold a lot of promise for the future of many applications, including electric vehicles, but tend to be prohibitively expensive, according to a team of researchers based in Japan. That team, led by Naoaki Yabuuchi, professor at Yokohama National University, has developed a new electrode material to make lithium batteries not only cheaper, […]

India’s Power Solutions Manufacturing Company, Best Power Equipments (I) Pvt. Ltd Expands to the Philippines

Launches full Range of UPS 650VA to 6000KVA Partners with Machine Mart, Technology, PH Distributor Company India, New Delhi : Best Power Equipment (India) Private Limited (BPE), an end-to-end strategic power solutions company has entered the Philippines market and launched its range of UPS. The range of UPS includes LI series BPI Series 650VA-2200VA, Online […]

Tata reveals Ziptron EV Technology for future all-electric vehicles

The company has developed the new powertrain with respect to Indian road conditions. Among the pioneers in Indian electric vehicle technology, Tata recently unveiled its electric powertrain which will power its future all-electric vehicles. Dubbed the Ziptron, the powertrain has already been tested for 1 million kilometres. The company has developed new powertrain with respect […]

Economic Survey 2019: Charging infrastructure, not incentives, key to electric vehicle growth

Another major impediment to the adoption of EVs was the time taken for completely charging EVs, the Survey said. The Economic Survey has quoted studies showing that more than incentives offered to manufacturers and users, good charging infrastructure is key to mass adoption of electric vehicles (EVs). That is because the driving range of batteries […]

Wärtsilä doubles renewable energy penetration by adding storage in holiday paradise

The Finnish company has commissioned a large scale storage project to reduce curtailment of wind and solar assets on Bonaire. The system will use machine-learning based energy management software to provide grid services and manage all of the island’s power generators. The energy transition is not only about adding new renewables generation capacity but must […]

Off-grid solar is moving into the performance zone

The off-grid solar industry has always been bold and ambitious, from day one. Our members have truly brought about transformative change. The industry is making a lasting economic, social and environmental impact; and GOGLA is incredibly proud to represent such vital change-makers. The achievements of our industry to date are clear. We have provided 245 […]