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Telangana farmers to enjoy 24-hr free, uninterrupted power supply by May next year: Rao

Telangana farmers to enjoy 24-hr free, uninterrupted power supply by May next year: Rao


Like no other state in the country, Telangana state farmers would enjoy 24 hour free and uninterrupted power supply by May next year onwards, said D Prabhakar Rao, Chairman and Managing Director of TSGENCO and TSTRANSCO, here today.
At present, 9 hours of quality and free power is available for agriculture,he said.

After unfurling the National Flag on the occasion of Independence here, Mr Prabhakar said TSGENCO is executing massive capacity addition of 5880 MW with an investment of Rs 36,000 crore. During the last few years, 600 MW Kakatiya Thermal Power Project, 240 MW Jurala Project and 30 MW Pulichintala Projects are successfully commissioned by TSGENCO. The balance 3×30 MW units will be commissioned by this year end, he said. Under the dynamic and visionary leadership of Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao , the Power Sector in the state has witnessed the spectacular progress, he said the existing installed capacity as on the day of Telangana state formation (June 2, 2014) was 6574 MW but the total installed capacity in the State today is 13095 MW.

As many as 15149 MW projects are under various stages of development and execution to meet the growing Lift Irrigation loads of around 8500 MW as well ever increasing loads of industrial and other categories, the CMD said. Similarly, the transmission network is strengthened and augmented in a systematic way, he said that after formation of the State, 54 nos EHT sub-stations and 2,832 circuit kms of EHT lines are added to the system.

”The maximum peak demand of 9326 MW was met on July 31, 2017 and we could supply a record energy of 194.65 MU on the same day,” said Prabhakar.

”We are fully geared up to meet the Maximum Demand of about 11,000 MW during the coming seasons,” he said. ”Telangana Government initiated the construction of transmission lines connecting Northern and Southern grids and we have been successfully getting the power from Chhattisgarh from the first week of May,2017. This transmission Corridor would ensure easy exchange of power from anywhere in the country between NEW and Southern Grids,” he informed.

He said 1962 MW of Solar Power and 99 MW Wind Power connected to the grid enabling the State to maintain satisfactory power supply.

In a major development, an Over-Arching agreement is being entered among 5 States of Southern Region for Optimum Harnessing of RE generation without endangering the Grid Security with mutual cooperation among southern states to minimise the balancing resources. An outstanding concept explored by Telangana with the motto of ‘Harnessing the Maximum Renewable Energy with the Least Possible Cost in Southern Region’, has been appreciated by Central Electricity Authority, New Delhi and power Ministry, he said. ”The per capita consumption is an index for the development of any state or a country. It is our pride that, the Per Capita Consumption of Telangana has risen to 1,394 kwh much above the National Average of 1,010 kwh, he added.UNI KNR RSA 2234.

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