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Telangana to announce new wind policy soon

Telangana to announce new wind policy soon


After meeting success in attracting bids for solar projects, Telangana State is now readying a wind policy that will be announced soon. This would focus on hybrid technologies like a combination of solar and wind power, for greater efficiency and lower carbon footprint, said Ajay Mishra, special chief secretary, Energy department.

The State in one year will also double its solar production from about 1,600 MW to 3,400 MW, he said adding that this capacity addition would be through partners. “The Government will create an enabling business atmosphere, give incentives and help with a power purchase agreement. We are not in generation directly,” he said.

There is a good opportunity for entrepreneurs in the solar segment as energy consumption is on the rise. The demand now is about 180 MW a day compared to 150 MW last year. The per capita energy consumption in Telangana is close 1,400 units compared the national average of 1,100 units, he said adding that the State figures among the top solar producing States.

Telangana has not gone for high capacity solar parks and instead focused on setting up small plants based on the need. It would float tenders for demand identified adopting a decentralised model. The State will increase its generation capacity three fold in five years and bulk of it would be thermal. There would be focus on renewable energy too, he said.

With the cost of panels is coming down, it costs about Rs 55,000 for the customers to set up a one kwh solar capacity and the payback in terms of energy savings could be Rs 10,000 a year, he said.

The State has over 240 social welfare residential schools and 3MW solar plants will be set up, he said

Among other things, Telangana would focus on promoting rooftop solar projects as the State has already introduced net metering facility. The current rooftop capacity is 35 MW and effort is to take it to 200 MW shortly. It will set up mini solar plants at transformer level, said A Sudhakar Rao, vice-chairman and managing director, Telangana New and Renewable Energy Development Corporation.

“India’s goal of achieving 175 GW of renewable power by 2022 has caught global interest and will offer massive investment opportunities across the value chain. Telangana has been playing an active role in supporting solar energy and holds promise for the sector,” said Yogesh Mudras, managing director, UBM India, which organised the two-day event.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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