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TEPSOL has been awarded as the Most Promising Energy Start Up 2018 by ASSOCHAM

TEPSOL has been awarded as the Most Promising Energy Start Up 2018 by ASSOCHAM


TEPSOL Projects Private Limited (“TEPSOL”), a joint venture between Think Energy and EverStream Capital has been consolidating its position in the Indian solar space. With a current portfolio of over 500 MW of ground mounted solar PV projects and a pipeline of around 500 MW, Think Energy has emerged as one of the “Most Successful and Promising Start Up” over the last 2-3 years. The current portfolio includes 104 MWp of operational ground mounted solar PV projects in Telangana, , 60 MWp of under construction ground mounted solar PV projects in Karnataka, and 300 MWp of ground mounted solar PV projects allocated and under development in the states of Maharashtra and Karnataka. TEPSOL has been awarded as the Most Promising Energy Start Up 2018 by ASSOCHAM”

TEPSOL is also committed to contribute to India’s quest for energy security through generation of on-site electricity through solar rooftop installations. It has commissioned close to 11,000 kW of rooftop solar photo-voltaic projects over 100 sites, spread across the three states of Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka in the current calendar year. TEPSOL is in the process of building and commissioning another 30,000 KWp of rooftop projects over 200 sites, spread across multiple states in the next 6 months. These projects intend to reduce the carbon footprint of and deliver economic benefits to, the Government Departments. TEPSOL was also awarded as the “Rooftop Developer of the Year 2018” by EQ International, a leading Solar & Renewable Energy journal.

When contacted, Mr. Ravishankar Tumuluri, Managing Director & CEO, TEPSOL, said “The initiatives taken by Government to support capacity building in the solar space is commendable. Having invested across geographies, we are of the view that India is one of most attractive markets given the policy support and vision of the Government. We are pleased to partner with government institutions and central/state departments to deliver energy cost savings and reducing their carbon footprint. We are also participating in the delivery of competitive solar PV solutions to clients in the commercial & industrial space, in geographies where the government is supporting such initiatives through appropriate win-win regulatory mechanisms.”

Mr. Sandip Agarwal, Partner & CEO, Think Energy, said “Although our portfolio is skewed in favour of large solar parks, we are looking to accelerate our pace in solution-based grid connected and off grid installation both with government and private consumers. We shall continue to grow in terms of capability and deployment of solar solutions and work on innovative technologies and product, to support the National Mission of achieving energy security.”

Mr. Paul Huelskamp, Director, EverStream Capital, said “We will leverage the collective relationships and resources of our firm to help scale this business, and we are highly confident in Think Energy’s market knowledge and execution capabilities.”

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Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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