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TrinaBEST and MPower Announce Strategic Partnership

TrinaBEST and MPower Announce Strategic Partnership


TrinaBEST, announced recently its strategic partnership with MPower. TrinaBEST will work through MPower to distribute residential energy storage products and bespoke solutions in Australia and New Zealand. Following energy storage product upgrades and a successful Product Launch event to the market this month in Melbourne, TrinaBEST, through MPower, will be distributing its latest system approach Lithium Iron Phosphate products: PowerCube 2.0 (with the option of 7.2kwh or 9.6kwh), PowerCube mini (4.8kwh) and AC coupled engineered PowerBox, to the Australia and New Zealand energy storage solutions (ESS) market.

“Australia is one of our most important markets, especially the residential retrofit market. We had launched our second generation Residential Energy Storage Solution which went through detail performance and industrial design analysis, at All-Energy Australia last week.” says Mr. Frank Qi, General Manager of TrinaBEST. “After more than 9 months of market planning and preparation, TrinaBEST selected MPower to be the important distributor of our range of residential energy storage products across Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific. MPower’s extensive experience in battery storage, particular in off-grid applications and its offerings of a number of other products for the residential market, are invaluable to our long-term and sustainable market growth in Australia and New Zealand markets.” MPower and TrinaBEST share similar visions and values which are important to the partnership.

By providing affordable energy storage solutions with differentiating features that meet customers’ needs, MPower and TrinaBEST have set aggressive and realistic market share targets in becoming the market leader for the Australia and New Zealand ESS markets. Compared to the commonly seen residential ESS products, TrinaBEST “system approach” retrofit products provide solution with competitive costs values, smart energy utilization and easy installation method which could be installed by a single installation technician. Such system approach design combining the Lithium Iron Phosphate with the AC coupled engineered PowerBox, is ideal for the retrofit market with minimal labour cost in mind and without the need to abandon or disable pre-existing inverters.

Mr. Nathan Wise, CEO of Tag Pacific also commented: "I am very pleased that MPower had been selected by TrinaBEST as its partner. MPower’s alliance with TrinaBEST filled a gap in MPower’s energy storage solutions. Our partnership is rooted in the provision of highly reliable products and the continual product enhancements made by TrinaBEST’s stellar R&D team. We look forward to adding TrinaBEST’s new energy storage solutions to our portfolio which will help us meet the ESS needs of Australia and New Zealand markets. We now have solutions across the capacity spectrum, from small to large, which makes MPower stand-out as being the expert in the field.”

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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