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Vivaan Solar launches new app as gift to ‘Digital India’

Vivaan Solar launches new app as gift to ‘Digital India’


New Delhi [India]: Solar PV installation and development company, Vivaan Solar in continuation with its mission to bring innovative solutions on Monday introduced a unique mobile app, ‘My Vivaan App’.

A one-of-its-kind attempt to make solar power consumers more delighted and empowered, My Vivaan App can accurately monitor various aspects of solar power plants and deliver the reports and analytics to end users in an easily understandable form.

The USP of this app is that users can monitor multiple projects in one application along with easily assessing O&M reports that contain billing history, energy consumption details, and maintenance report.

“My Vivaan App is our initiative to promote green energy in India. The app empowers the consumers for the optimum utilisation of solar energy and keeps them updated about their daily consumption, maintenance status, billing details and generate a service request,” said Director Finance, Vivaan Solar, Amit Bansal.

The app, which is widely available on the web, Android and iOS platforms can prove to be extensively beneficial when it comes to setting up photovoltaic solar panels.

Vivaan App is designed for both the registered and the non-registered users as well.

Users can track location of all solar plants and can also find distance and path from their current location to the selected solar plant.

Source: ANI
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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