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Toyobo to practicalize power-generating material for organic photovoltaics with world’s top-level conversion efficiency under room light

Toyobo Co., Ltd. and the French government research institute CEA have succeeded in making trial organic photovoltaics (OPV) small cells on a glass substrate with the world’s top-level conversion efficiency*1 in a dim room, and trial OPV modules on a lightweight and thin PET (polyethylene terephthalate) film substrate during their joint research project. The trial products […]

In the matter of: Petition qua disputes over GETCO’S failure to comply inter alia with the CEA (Installation and Operation of Meters) Regulations

In the matter of: Petition under Section 86(1)(f) of the Electricity Act, 2003 qua disputes over GETCO’S failure to comply inter alia with the Central Electricity Authority (Installation and Operation of Meters) Regulations, 2006, and GETCO’s arbitrary and wrongful refusal to rectify its present metering arrangement for the Petitioner’s power plant and change the placement […]

Power demand growing despite last month’s slump

Despite the ongoing economic slowdown, the power ministry claims that India’s electricity demand has been growing though it fell last month. It said rising renewable and hydropower generation led to lower use of thermal plants. CEA data showed tha… New Delhi: India’s electricity demand has been growing although it fell last month because of excessive […]

CEA draws up plans to boost power distribution infra

The Central Electricity Authority (CEA) has anticipated a 40 per cent increase in power distribution infrastructure till 2022. The projection of a 38 per cent increase in distribution substation capacity, 32 per cent increase of distribution transformation capacity and an increase in different type of feeder lengths by 27-38 per cent till 2022 have been […]
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