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GHCL committed to sustainability goals

GHCL is working towards carbon neutrality for its entire textiles business by 2021. It is also actively using sustainable raw material in textiles-more sustainable cotton (BCI/organic/Supima), cellulosic fibres (Tencel Lyocell) and recycled PET fibres. In keeping with the circular economy, GHCL is trying to reuse as much material as it can. “Sustainability in manufacturing is […]

India’s love for hydroelectric power is misplaced: It isn’t renewable, river flow is erratic and mega dams dangerous

In the context of changing energy landscapes, there is a shift across the world beyond the conventional categorisation of energy as “renewable” and “non-renewable”, and towards the deployment of terms such as “low-carbon”, “zero emission” and “green” to represent the normative aspirations about the kind of sustainable energy that should fuel our economies. Energy from […]


Geneva, Switzerland: Firmenich is proud to have joined RE100, a global initiative of the world’s most influential companies, all committed to 100% renewable power. Today, Firmenich manufacturing sites in the U.S. and Europe are operating with 100% renewable electricity, as the Group gets closer to meeting its ambitious goal of 100% renewable electricity across all of […]

Breakingviews – Hadas: Silly carbon tax talk hides hard choices

LONDON: Simple economics teaches that the most efficient way to reduce demand for something is to increase its price. That is the principle behind taxes on carbon dioxide emissions. Slightly more sophisticated and realistic economics teaches another lesson. The emissions challenge is daunting. The latest United Nations report says that warding off disastrous climate change […]