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Shell New Energies EVP: Hydrogen Subsidies Will Pay Off, Just Like They Did for Solar

Shell’s Mark Gainsborough on renewables, hydrogen and bringing together the oil giant’s burgeoning family of clean-energy businesses. PARIS : Shell expects its filling stations to eventually become fossil-fuel-free. But getting there will require major changes, and in the energy business, change often means subsidies. So it is with hydrogen, says Mark Gainsborough, executive vice president […]

Air Liquide, DLVA and ENGIE are entering into an ambitious partnership to produce green hydrogen on an industrial scale

Air Liquide, the Durance, Luberon, Verdon urban area (DLVA) and ENGIE are signing a cooperation agreement to develop the “HyGreen Provence” project which aims at producing, storing and distributing green hydrogen. Initiated in 2017, “HyGreen Provence” will make it possible to develop and validate the technico-economic conditions for the production of 1,300 GWh of solar […]

What is hydrogen fuel? Supreme Court’s solution to Delhi’s air pollution crisis

SC has asked govt to explore hydrogen fuel tech to find solution to Delhi’s air crisis. Hydrogen is zero-emission fuel, but manufacturing the gas is quite polluting. Bengaluru : The Supreme Court pulled up the central government Wednesday over deteriorating air quality in Delhi-NCR and asked it to explore hydrogen-based fuel technology, based on case […]

Rise and Fall of Carbon Credits: Finding Solutions for Climate Crisis in Free Market

The plan to combine two seemingly opposing forces—a free market and the battle against human-induced climate change—was ambitious. But carbon credit trading, once seen as one of the most successful mechanisms to help developed countries and the private sector to continue with business while meeting their emission targets, is now on the brink of disappearing […]

ABB wins one of its biggest ever contracts to connect world’s largest offshore wind farm to UK grid

First ever UK use of high-voltage direct current (HVDC) technology with smaller environmental footprint for connecting offshore wind farms Dogger Bank offshore wind farms to power 4.5 million homes Increasing current wind offshore capacity by 3.6 GW, equivalent to 5% of the UK’s total estimated electricity generation ABB has been selected by energy companies SSE […]

Billion gallons of water is saved by replacing coal with gas or renewable energy sources: Study

A research has found that the transition from coal to natural gas in the US electricity sector is reducing the industry’s water use. It is helping in saving water and contributing to reducing water scarcity. For every megawatt of electricity produced using natural gas instead of coal, the water withdrawn from rivers and groundwater drops […]