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Blue Planet Energy Expands Into Commercial Energy Storage Market With Blue Ion LX

New, scalable commercial energy storage solution designed to increase resilience, accelerate renewable energy adoption SALT LAKE CITY & HONOLULU: SOLAR POWER INTERNATIONAL — Hawai’i-based Blue Planet Energy has expanded its Blue Ion line of safe, scalable energy storage solutions with the introduction of Blue Ion LX for commercial and industrial (C&I) applications. The Blue Ion […]

Eos Energy Storage and Holtec International Establish a Multi-Gigawatt Manufacturing Joint Venture for Eos’s Next Generation Battery

PITTSBURGH: Holtec International, a supplier of equipment and systems for the energy industry, and Eos Energy Storage (Eos), a supplier of Znyth® DC battery systems, in an expansion of their strategic partnership, announced the formation of HI-POWER, LLC, a multi-gigawatt manufacturing joint venture to produce Eos’s next generation of aqueous zinc batteries. HI-POWER will leverage […]

ZapGo’s Carbon-Ion Battery Expected to Charge Electric Vehicles 100 Times Faster Than Existing Lithium-Ion Batteries

Lithium-Free C-Ion® Cells Aim to Fully Recharge Electric Vehicles in Five Minutes; Mobile Phones in a Few Seconds OXFORD, England & CHARLOTTE, N.C.: ZapGo Ltd’s proprietary Carbon-Ion™ (C-Ion®) platform technology, the basis of a new type of battery that is safer and less expensive than existing battery technologies, offers the prospect of charging electric vehicles […]

Mumbai-born researcher invents alternative to Li-ion batteries

The new batteries exhibit high voltages between 2.45-2.8 V, delivering high capacities close to its theoretical value, which is a first for aqueous-based batteries. Mumbai-born scientist Dr Gautam Yadav has invented a new high-voltage, energy-dense rechargeable manganese dioxide (MnO2) zinc|(Zn) battery, which could be an alternative to Li-ion batteries that have dominated the energy storage […]

Green Science Alliance Co., Ltd. Developed New Type of Metal Organic Framework (MOF), Porous Coordination Polymers (PCPs) Based Electrode for Lithium Ion Battery

KAWANISHI-CITY, Japan: Environmental problems including climate change caused by human activity and population explosion, are becoming serious issues because of the increase in greenhouse gases such as methane and carbon dioxide (CO2). Replacing petroleum consuming car with hybrid, electric, and fuel cell cars is one of the ways to reduce CO2 emissions from automobiles. Also, […]

Form Energy Raises $40M Series B for Super-Long-Duration Grid Storage

Italy’s Eni joins list of heavyweight backers as Massachusetts-based Form looks to unlock “baseload renewables.” Long-duration storage startup Form Energy thought that solving the problem of months-long grid storage would take a decade. But its last year of work advanced faster than expected. Based on that progress, the team of industry veterans has fast-tracked development […]

GlidePath Took on Storage in Texas. Now It Wants to Add Batteries to Wind

Quinbrook-backed developer will fill batteries with wind power during times of negative pricing in the Southwest Power Pool. Batteries paired with solar plants have gained momentum in sunny locales, but a market for shifting wind generation using battery storage has so far failed to materialize. Developer GlidePath Power Solutions, however, sees a path forward for […]