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GE Announces Innovative Energy Storage Platform Called the Reservoir

The Reservoir seamlessly integrates across the Grid to enable customers to increase Renewables integration, improve financial performance, enhance grid operations, reduce energy costs and enable more distributed, local generation GE’s Reservoir condenses 4MWh and 10 years of energy storage experience into a 20’ box – delivers an estimated 15% improved lifecycle on the batteries, 5% […]

Lithium Batteries Can Work at Record Low Temperature of – 70 Celsius Thanks to New Research Findings

Cold temperature negatively impacts the performance of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) and limits their range of applications. Presently, most LIBs can only operate at about 12% of their optimal level when the temperature drops down to minus 40 degrees Celsius. However, major scientific publications recently reported that a team of chemists in China have made […]

Bosch Abandons EV Battery Making as Asian Firms Dominate

The industrial giant’s decision to outsource manufacturing highlights market risks. Bosch’s decision to abandon electric-vehicle battery manufacturing last month underscores the challenges facing players in an increasingly crowded market, say analysts. “This is a pretty bold step by Bosch,” said Mitalee Gupta, energy storage analyst at GTM Research, after the German multinational announced plans to […]

Shape Shifters: Lightweight Technology Keeps Batteries Cool, Supporting Eco-Vehicles

When run at their limits, batteries get hot. It’s a reality that all hybrid and electric cars must overcome. Typically, they do so with complex cooling systems. The work of faculty and student researchers at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University aims to eliminate the need for these complicated systems, making electric cars lighter and cheaper to manufacture. […]

SunPower Turns to Energy Storage for Growth in Tough Times

The veteran manufacturer has gained some early traction in the commercial solar-plus-storage space. SunPower followed up last week’s tough earnings call with more hopeful news. The veteran solar manufacturer and developer is launching a commercial energy storage business under the Helix commercial solar brand. It will design, install and operate the battery systems with its […]