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Powering Your Fridge Off-Grid: Solar, Batteries, and Energy Efficiency – EQ

In Short – Powering your fridge off-grid relies on a combination of solar panels, batteries, and energy-efficient appliances. Solar panels generate electricity, stored in batteries for use during low sunlight periods. Energy-efficient fridges optimize power consumption, ensuring sustainable and reliable off-grid refrigeration. In Details – Delve into the energy habits of a common medium-sized apartment […]

Longroad breaks ground on 377 MW Sun Streams 4 solar + storage project – EQ

In Short : Longroad Energy has commenced the construction of its Sun Streams 4 solar and energy storage project, marking a significant milestone in renewable energy development. With a capacity of 377 MW, this project demonstrates Longroad’s commitment to expanding clean energy infrastructure. By integrating energy storage capabilities, the project also addresses the challenge of […]

Ingeteam’s Hybrid Inverter is Compatible With the BYD Premium High Voltage Batteries

Ingeteam and BYD have tested and certified at their respective R&D laboratories, the compatibility of the BYD Battery-Box Premium HVS and HVM high voltage batteries with Ingeteam’s INGECON® SUN STORAGE 1Play TL M hybrid inverter (solar-plus-storage inverter). The use of both items of equipment together makes it possible to create hybrid systems that combine PV […]

Best Power Equipments Installs more than 25 UPS of 3 KVA at reputed Hospitals in Delhi

India, New Delhi: While the deadly Coronavirus spreads around the world, there is a huge demand of Power Backup (UPS) amongst the healthcare industry. With hospitals making test benches for coronavirus testing, it is critical to support the Healthcare sector. Best Power Equipments (BPE), India’s leading power products manufacturing brand has joined hands with reputed […]

Global demand for replacement PV inverters to account for 7 percent of total global installations in 2020

IHS Markit forecasts that global demand for replacement inverters will grow by almost 40% to reach 8.7 GW in 2020. A large and growing installed base of aging PV installations is driving demand for replacement PV inverters. Demand for replacement PV inverters comes from customers who own old inverters which are beginning to underperform or […]

Sungrow Partners with Panasian Power PLC to Grow Distribution in Sri Lanka

Colombo, Sri Lanka: Sungrow, the global leading inverter solution supplier for renewables, is pleased to announce the first official partner in Sri Lanka, Panasian Power PLC, to distribute the company’s product portfolio. The agreement was signed recently and aims to expand the distribution of Sungrow’s residential and commercial products in Sri Lanka. Mr. Pathmanatha Poddiwala, […]