SolaX Power & LUBI Electronics Signed Strategic Partnership Agreement for India Market – EQ

SolaX, a global supplier of solar inverters and energy storage solutions, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with LUBI Electronics, a prominent name in the Indian electronics industry. This groundbreaking collaboration positions LUBI Electronics as a new distributor for SolaX products across PAN India, fortifying both companies’ commitment to advancing renewable energy initiatives in […]

Energy Storage

Strategic Partnership: Powin and Hitachi Energy to expand energy storage market presence – EQ

In Short : Powin, a leading energy storage solutions provider, has announced a strategic partnership with Hitachi Energy to expand their presence in the energy storage market. This collaboration aims to leverage Powin’s expertise in energy storage systems and Hitachi Energy’s global reach and industry experience. In Detail : Leading energy storage solutions provider in […]


Burlington, Vermont officials open solar research facility – EQ

In Short : Burlington, Vermont officials have inaugurated a cutting-edge solar research facility, marking a significant step in advancing solar energy technology. The facility will serve as a hub for research and development, focusing on optimizing solar panel efficiency and performance under various weather conditions. In Detail : Officials in Burlington, Vermont energized a new […]

Asia - Pacific

ARENA supports homegrown low-cost solar with funding for SunDrive – EQ

In Short : The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) has provided funding to SunDrive, a local solar technology company, to support the development of low-cost solar panels. This investment aligns with Australia’s commitment to renewable energy and aims to boost the domestic solar industry. SunDrive’s innovative approach and ARENA’s financial support contribute to the country’s […]

Europe & UK

UK solar scheme secures planning nod – EQ

In Short : A solar scheme in the UK has received planning approval, marking a significant milestone in the country’s renewable energy efforts. The project aims to harness solar power to generate clean electricity, contributing to the UK’s transition toward sustainable energy sources. This approval signifies a positive step forward in the nation’s renewable energy […]


Swift Current Energy extends First Solar relationship with 500MW order – EQ

In Short : Swift Current Energy, a leading renewable energy company, has extended its partnership with First Solar by placing a significant order for 500 megawatts (MW) of solar modules. This order underscores Swift Current Energy’s commitment to expanding its renewable energy portfolio and leveraging First Solar’s advanced photovoltaic technology. In Detail : First Solar […]


The Saudis Are Finding Carbon-Friendly Ways To Power Industry – EQ

In Short : Saudi Arabia is taking proactive steps toward sustainable industrialization by adopting carbon-friendly methods to power its industries. The kingdom is investing in renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind power, to reduce carbon emissions. By transitioning to cleaner energy alternatives, Saudi Arabia aims to mitigate its environmental impact, contribute to global […]

PV Manufacturing

Canadian Solar To Build $800M Solar PV Cell Plant In Indiana – EQ

In Short : Canadian Solar has announced plans to build an $800 million solar photovoltaic (PV) cell manufacturing facility in Indiana, USA. The facility aims to produce high-efficiency solar cells and modules, supporting the growing demand for renewable energy in the region. This investment underscores Canadian Solar’s commitment to expanding its manufacturing capabilities and advancing […]

Business & Finance

energyRe Announces $1.2 Billion Capital Raise to Accelerate U.S. Clean Energy Transition – EQ

In Short : energyRe reveals plans for a $1.2 billion capital raise, signaling a strong commitment to expedite the U.S. clean energy transition. This substantial investment aims to drive initiatives and projects that contribute to the advancement of sustainable and environmentally friendly energy solutions. In Detail : HOUSTON and NEW YORK : energyRe, an independent […]

Solar Off Grid & Roof Tops

Solar mini-grids offer clean-power hope to rural Africa – EQ

In Short : Solar mini-grids are providing a beacon of hope for rural communities in Africa, offering clean and reliable power where traditional grid infrastructure is lacking. These decentralized energy systems harness solar energy to provide electricity to remote areas, enabling access to vital services such as healthcare, education, and communications. By fostering local economic […]

Solar Balance of Systems

TEP Targets Net Zero Carbon Emissions, Faster Clean Energy Expansion in New Resource Plan – EQ

In Short : Tucson Electric Power (TEP) is setting ambitious goals in its new resource plan, aiming to achieve net-zero carbon emissions and accelerate the expansion of clean energy. This initiative represents a significant step toward mitigating climate change and promoting sustainable practices in the energy sector. TEP’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions and transitioning […]

Solar Inverters

Longroad breaks ground on 377 MW Sun Streams 4 solar + storage project – EQ

In Short : Longroad Energy has commenced the construction of its Sun Streams 4 solar and energy storage project, marking a significant milestone in renewable energy development. With a capacity of 377 MW, this project demonstrates Longroad’s commitment to expanding clean energy infrastructure. By integrating energy storage capabilities, the project also addresses the challenge of […]

Renewable Energy

Morocco should harness its abundant renewable energy potential for climate mitigation: IMF

In Short : The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has advised Morocco to tap into its abundant renewable energy resources to mitigate climate change impacts. With its substantial solar and wind energy potential, Morocco can significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and transition to a more sustainable energy system. By investing in renewable energy projects, the country […]

Electric Vehicles

Ather Energy ties up with BPCL to expand charging infrastructure

Electric scooter maker Ather Energy on Friday said it has partnered with Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL) to expand its charging network. Through the collaboration, Ather will gain access to BPCL’s network of over 21,000 fuel stations across the country, facilitating the installation of Ather’s public fast-charging grid. Ather already has more than 1,400 chargers […]

Solar Jobs

Job & Career Opportunities: Ningbo Osda Solar Co – EQ Mag Pro

Ningbo Osda Solar Co <https://www.osdasol.com/#page5> is Looking for India Sales Head….Interested People Please send email to <anand@eqmag.net> with their CV’s Related posts: Job & Career Opportunities: Carbon Credits Industry – EQ Mag Pro Job & Career Opportunities: EnerMAN Technologies Pvt Ltd – EQ Mag Pro Job & Career Opportunities: Navitas Solar – EQ Mag Pro Required […]