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Global renewable energy industry will grow ten folds over seven years: Alistair Sproul, UNSW

Renewable energy, especially photovoltaics (PV) and wind are the fastest-growing industries in the energy sector. Compared with fossil fuel technologies, which require ongoing fuelling, the renewable energy industry is more capital intensive. The renewable energy industry is growing at 25-40 per cent per annum and will be close to ten times its present size in the next […]

Perry Ellis commits to reduce carbon footprint

Marking a significant milestone in its commitment to reduce its carbon footprint and ongoing sustainability mission, Perry Ellis has completed a new 2,432-panel rooftop solar installation atop its largest distribution centre in the US. Launched as a pilot programme, this new solar installation will help direct future alternative energy initiatives for Perry. Con Edison Solutions, […]

Method Soap’s factory runs entirely on renewable energy and produces 1 million pounds of food a year from its rooftop greenhouse

Method’s factory is the first green factory of its kind with its LEED Platinum certification. The company manufactures biodegradable natural cleaning supplies outside of Chicago. The factory, known as Soapbox, leads the pact by creating less waste and using less energy. Soapbox features plentiful natural lighting access for its workers, in addition to a 75,000-square-foot […]

Small-scale desalination made easy with solar evaporators

In recent research, engineers have successfully prototyped an inexpensive solar evaporator, made of wood, for affordable small-scale desalination. According to the study published in Advanced Materials, the evaporator generates steam with high efficiency and minimal need for maintenance. About a billion people around the world lack access to safe drinking water. Desalinating salty water into […]

IEA convenes 2019 meeting of the Renewable Industry Advisory Board

The IEA convened the 2019 meeting of the Renewable Industry Advisory Board (RIAB) on 2 April, focusing on innovation and policies to scale up sustainable bioenergy deployment. The meeting brought together fifty senior representatives from companies active in the bioenergy sector, industry associations, research organisations, representatives from the Biofuture Platform and other policy makers. Covering a wide […]

Siemens Gamesa committed to lowering offshore wind costs through EU-funded i4Offshore project

As announced in December 2018, Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy and Aalborg University in Denmark are leading the i4Offshore research and development project focused on significantly reducing the cost of offshore wind power. Officially entitled “Integrated Implementation of Industrial Innovations for Offshore Wind Cost Reduction”, the project is supported by a European Union grant of nearly […]