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EQ In Exclusive Conversation With Mr. Julian Thomas – Senior – Project Director – Renewable Energy & Battery Portfolio – Informa Markets India Private Limited

EQ In Exclusive Conversation With Mr. Julian Thomas – Senior – Project Director – Renewable Energy & Battery Portfolio – Informa Markets India Private Limited


1. What are the key objectives and focus areas of the 8th edition of RenewX?

Key objectives and focus areas for the 8th edition of RenewX which is scheduled on 26th& 27th April 2024 at Hitex, Hyderabad is to showcase the latest advancements and innovations in renewable energy technologies& Energy Storage. And also to provide a platform for industry experts, researchers, policymakers, stakeholders to share insights, research findings, and best practices.

RenewXExpo is created to drive the buyers to sourcing premium products for their projects & other implementations.More than 150+ top brands showcasing their product solutions to foster the industry growth & address the market demand.

2. Can you share your approach to cultivating and managing partnerships for RenewX?

Nurturing and developing relationships between the industriesis always the key intention of the organizer&RenewX Expo. Informa Markets being the largest exhibition organiser in various Industries like Pharma, Jewellery, Cold Storage, Construction &more. Efforts are on via RenewX to solarize these enterprises with the support of the exhibitors.

Government mission is also to enhance the distributed solar solutions benefitsto Industries, Corporates, Communities and Residential. RenewX Expo attracts visitors / Buyers from power consumers to have partnership with solar experts to reduce energy cost, learn more about Energy Independence.

Special promotionsare done to welcome Residential Welfare Association, High Network Individuals, to take full advantage of PM-Surya Ghar Muft Bijli Yojana.

3. How has RenewX contributed to the growth of the Indian Renewable Energy Market?

Starting 2015, RenewX focus is to foster partnerships and collaboration among international stakeholders, Enterprises, and organizations working in the renewable energy field. Enhance the product availability in South India to increase capacity building in solar space. RenewXExpo is one the biggest partnership building initiative between manufacturers, Buyers& Traders.Contribution wise, RenewX Expo supported the manufactures to identify business partners in southern region, Created Energy Independence to various power consumers, Mitigate Climate change& reduce air pollution, Job Creations in this ecosystem, Grid Stability & Resilience in power sector, Sustainable development within communities and many more…..

4. In its 8th edition, what specific goals does RenewX aim to achieve for the South Indian Renewable Energy and Electric Vehicle MarketSolar Market?

India’s PM vision on the solar space reflects a commitment to harnessing the immense potential of solar energy to drive economic growth, energy security, and environmental sustainability.

RenewX Expo 2024 goals isto align with the government vision and campaign PM Surya Ghar Muft Bijli Yojana, which aims to solarize 10 million households and more.We strongly believe, C&I customers can play a very vital role in generating electricity locally and take full advantage of cost benefits. The show marketing team are making all possible efforts to welcome C&I customers to the event, so that exhibitors can highlight all the latest products / solutions / financial options available in the market.

Driving Entrepreneurship:In remote or rural areas where grid infrastructure may be limited or unreliable, distributed solar solutions offer a cost-effective means of providing electricity access.Are you ready to become a Business Owner? Don’t Miss RenewX Expo!

5. How has RenewX evolved over the past seven years, and what milestones has it achieved in promoting sustainable economic development in the region?

Resilience and reliability are crucial aspects of any energy system, RenewXhas been able to create the complete value chain and benefit the industrywith this exhibition. Knowledge sharing and learning about latest developments, supported the industry and technical experts. More than 4500 Business visitors attend this exhibitionto gain business growth. As mentioned above, event objectives are to provide best technologies, Increase solar adoption, Create employment, Develop Business Owners, Focus on highlighting environmental benefits for the communities and Support government schemes.

6. Can you share more insights into the top buyers from industry, exhibitors, and the overall business space covered in the 2024 edition of RenewX?

From the exhibition perceptive, 2024 edition will be witnessing the galaxy of all the best brands under one roof. Brands like Waaree Energies, Vikram Solar, Goldi Solar, Rayzon Solar, SMA Solar, EVVO Solar, Emmvee Solar, Luminous, Microtek, Deye Inverters, Exide to name a few are showcasing the latest solution in energy space.

In terms of Buyers, we are expecting Project developers, IPP’s, System Integrators, Dealer & Distributors, C&I, Residential welfare associations, High Network individuals, Investors and more…

2-dayConference offer opportunities for professionals to share their expertise, research findings, best practices, and insights with peers. Attendees can learn about the latest advancements, trends, and innovations. To know more about the conference proceeding, kindly visit www.renewx.in

7. What can attendees expect from Brands@RenewX 2024, and how does it contribute to showcasing the latest innovations and products in the renewable energy sector?

The expo offers insights into the latest market developments, emerging trends, investment opportunities, and regulatory changes. Attendees can source High-efficiency Solar Panels, Top ratedInverters & UPS from leading brands, Mounting structures, Trackers & Financing solutions fortheir business need. Buyers can discuss pricing, terms, and conditions with exhibitors, negotiate discounts or special offers, and finalize purchase agreements onsite.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network