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Union Minister for Power RK Singh inaugurates National Conference on “Energy Transition in India in Gandhinagar – EQ

In Short : The conference is likely to offer a valuable opportunity for stakeholders to exchange ideas, share best practices, and identify innovative solutions to accelerate India’s energy transition. By convening experts, policymakers, and industry leaders, the event can facilitate the development of comprehensive frameworks and initiatives to drive the adoption of renewable energy, promote […]

COP28 Presidency and IEA highlight decarbonisation initiatives to keep 1.5C in reach – EQ

In Short : These efforts are significant as they underscore the critical role of international cooperation in addressing climate change. By demonstrating a commitment to decarbonization and emphasizing specific initiatives, the COP28 Presidency and the IEA are setting a positive example for other nations and organizations. Such leadership is instrumental in driving momentum towards achieving […]

PM Modi proposes hosting 2028 UN climate talks, unveils ‘Green Credit Initiative’ at COP28 – EQ

In Short : The proposal to host the 2028 UN climate talks signifies India’s determination to take a leadership role in addressing climate change and promoting international collaboration on climate action. It underscores India’s willingness to contribute to the global agenda for combating climate change and fostering sustainable development. In Detail : Dubai : Highlighting […]

“Developed countries should cut down emissions first, this is the voice of the global South”: Union Power and New & Renewable Energy Minister – EQ

In Short : The minister’s remarks likely reflect the perspective that developed countries have historically been the largest contributors to global emissions and, therefore, bear a significant responsibility in addressing climate change. By leading the way in reducing emissions, these countries can set an example for others and potentially create more equitable and effective global […]

Daily average air quality in Delhi, for the 11-month period between January – November, 2023, registers its best index as compared to the corresponding period during the last 6 years – EQ

In Short : The daily average air quality in Delhi for the 11-month period between January – November 2023 has shown significant improvement, registering its best index compared to the corresponding period during the last 6 years. This positive development indicates that measures taken to address air pollution and improve air quality in Delhi have […]

CAREC Countries Endorse New Vision to Fight Climate Change Together – EQ

In Short : By endorsing this new vision, the CAREC countries are signaling their determination to take collective action to combat climate change and protect the environment for future generations. This collaborative approach will help them leverage their resources and expertise to achieve meaningful progress in addressing the global climate crisis. In Detail : TBILISI, […]

Sterlite Power wins 8 GW Green Energy Transmission Project in Rajasthan – EQ

Secures LOI for Rajasthan REZ Ph-IV (Part-1) (Bikaner Complex): Part-B Transmission Project New Delhi : Sterlite Power, a leading private sector power transmission developer, has secured the order for Rajasthan REZ Ph-IV (Part-1-Bikaner Complex): Part-B Transmission project. With this order win, Sterlite Power has secured its third Green Energy Corridor (GEC) project in the state […]

SOFAR and BelEnergy Begin a Journey of Cooperation to Boost LATAM’s Renewable Energy Development – EQ

Brazil : SOFAR, the global leading provider of all-scenario PV & ESS solutions, announced that it has entered a partnership with BelEnergy for the national distribution of the company’s extensive solar and storage portfolio. With more than 250 thousand solar plants running nationwide, the rising number of end customers will be able to have access […]