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Central America’s Solar Revolution and the Rooftop Revolution in the U.S. -EQ

Central America’s Solar Revolution and the Rooftop Revolution in the U.S. In Short –  Central America’s Solar Revolution contrasts with the Rooftop Revolution in the U.S., signaling distinct trends in solar energy adoption. In Detail – In the heart of Central America, a revolution is quietly unfolding. It’s not fought with guns or protests but with […]

The Planet Needs Solar Power. Can We Build It Without Harming Nature? – EQ

In Short – Building solar power infrastructure can be done with minimal harm to nature through careful planning and implementation. Strategies include siting solar farms on degraded lands, using eco-friendly materials, and incorporating wildlife-friendly designs. Balancing renewable energy expansion with environmental preservation is crucial for a sustainable future. In Details – For pronghorn, those antelope-like […]

Swift Current Energy extends First Solar relationship with 500MW order – EQ

In Short : Swift Current Energy, a leading renewable energy company, has extended its partnership with First Solar by placing a significant order for 500 megawatts (MW) of solar modules. This order underscores Swift Current Energy’s commitment to expanding its renewable energy portfolio and leveraging First Solar’s advanced photovoltaic technology. In Detail : First Solar […]

Solar and wind power curtailments are rising in California – EQ

In Short : California is experiencing a rise in solar and wind power curtailments, indicating challenges in managing the state’s renewable energy supply. Curtailments occur when excess electricity is generated, but the grid cannot accommodate it. Factors like transmission constraints and mismatch between supply and demand patterns contribute to curtailments. Addressing these challenges is crucial […]

EDF Renewables North America Selects SOLARCYCLE to be its Preferred Solar Recycling Partner – EQ

In Short : EDF Renewables North America has chosen SOLARCYCLE as its preferred solar recycling partner. This partnership underscores EDF Renewables’ commitment to sustainable practices in the renewable energy sector. By collaborating with SOLARCYCLE, EDF Renewables aims to enhance the recycling and disposal processes of solar panels, contributing to the industry’s environmental responsibility and the […]

World Bank needs new playbook to boost private investment in emerging markets: Ajay Banga – EQ Mag

WASHINGTON : The World Bank must use “informed risk-taking” to encourage private investors to get more engaged in helping developing countries deal with climate change and leapfrog fossil-fuel energy sources, its new president, Ajay Banga, said on Sunday. Banga told CNN‘s “Fareed Zakaria GPS” program that efforts now under way to stretch the World Bank’s […]