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German power grid firms need sharp rise in renewable generation capacity by 2035

FRANKFURT: Germany’s four power grid operators said on Friday that a sharp rise in the country’s renewable generation capacity was needed over the next 15 years to meet demand from the electrification of heating, transport and other industries. Presenting their capacity planning needs through 2035, the four high voltage transmission grid firms (TSOs) said in […]

German auto industry needs ‘up to €20bn’ from government for switch to electric cars

  The German Automotive Association (VDA) has called for the government to allocate billions to support a complete structural change in the industry as it moves away from combustion engines towards producing electric cars. “I think we’re a talking about a double-digit billion amount that we need in total for the supplier and automotive industries,” […]

European EV Platform Everon Rolls Into US in Partnership With Arcadia

Collaboration would make it easier for electric car owners to charge up using renewable energy while keeping their billing simple. Arcadia, a clean-energy access startup, is helping European electric-vehicle charging platform Everon make its first foray into the United States with a new partnership announced Friday. “In general, EV charging is hard for customers, especially […]