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UK solar scheme secures planning nod – EQ

UK solar scheme secures planning nod – EQ


In Short : A solar scheme in the UK has received planning approval, marking a significant milestone in the country’s renewable energy efforts. The project aims to harness solar power to generate clean electricity, contributing to the UK’s transition toward sustainable energy sources. This approval signifies a positive step forward in the nation’s renewable energy sector, aligning with the UK’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions and promoting environmental sustainability. The project’s successful planning permission highlights the importance of solar energy in the UK’s energy mix and showcases the potential for further solar initiatives to support the country’s green energy goals.

In Detail : Planning inspector at East Devon District Council has approved the 30MW Ford Oaks project

The planning inspector agreed with the original recommendation of East Devon District Council’s planning officers (that approval should be granted for the proposals, finding that, “the overall benefits of the development would substantially outweigh the harms it would cause”.

Simon Crowe, Director at Taiyo, said: “We are delighted to receive planning approval, and we extend our t gratitude to the planning inspector for understanding our case.
“This approval will deliver a key solar and green infrastructure facility that will further the climate goals of East Devon and the wider region.

“Ford Oaks provides a vital opportunity to address East Devon’s sustainability and energy needs by providing a renewable energy source for 18,500 homes.

“It will also significantly enhance the local area’s biodiversity and nature by delivering a remarkable 121% biodiversity net gain.

“Working together with East Devon District Council and the local community, we are looking forward to bringing Ford Oaks scheme to life, achieving a key milestone in our commitment to supporting the UK’s net zero goals.”

The Ford Oaks Solar & Green Infrastructure Facility is situated next to the A30 about four miles east of Exeter City Centre and close to Exeter Airport.

The 29 hectares of solar arrays will be installed to permit extensive sheep grazing, allowing for energy production and agricultural use on the same land.

In partnership with local landowners including Devon County Council, Ford Oaks is being delivered by Taiyo Power & Storage, a joint venture between Kajima and Low Carbon Alliance Limited.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network