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Edinburgh scientists receive funding for pioneering study into hydrogen storage for decarbonising UK’s energy sector

Geoscientists from the University of Edinburgh have received funding from the Engineering and Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC) for a £1.4 million research project to investigate the storage of hydrogen in the subsurface. The project, HyStorPor (Hydrogen Storage in Porous Media), is designed to increase understanding of the whole hydrogen storage system, from fundamental physical […]

Solar-charged vanadium flow machine pre-qualifies for UK’s frequency response market

‘Flow batteries’ could provide frequency response in the UK for the first time ever, as a modestly sized solar-plus-storage system has been pre-qualified into National Grid’s dynamic firm frequency response (dFFR) market. Last week energy storage technology provider and system integrator RedT – which prefers the description ‘flow machines’ for its vanadium redox flow, long […]

Optimisation of battery throughput means optimised revenues, Open Energi’s data science lead says

Batteries are now one of a “huge variety of distributed energy assets capable of providing flexible capacity to the network”, but failure to manage them correctly will limit the market opportunities available, as well as the lifetime of the systems themselves, the data science head of UK flexible energy tech company Open Energi has said. […]

E.ON’s move to supply 100% renewable electricity signals changing trend in UK power market, says GlobalData

E.ON’s move to supply its residential customers with 100% renewable electricity can potentially influence the *Big Six to move towards renewable energy and signals a changing trend in the UK power market, says GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company. With the UK aiming to phase out all its coal-fired plants by 2025, the Big […]