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Edinburgh scientists receive funding for pioneering study into hydrogen storage for decarbonising UK’s energy sector

Geoscientists from the University of Edinburgh have received funding from the Engineering and Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC) for a £1.4 million research project to investigate the storage of hydrogen in the subsurface. The project, HyStorPor (Hydrogen Storage in Porous Media), is designed to increase understanding of the whole hydrogen storage system, from fundamental physical […]

Breaking News – GUVNL 700MW eRA

UK to Ditch Diesel for Solar-Powered DC Railways

The UK has been searching for ways to directly supply the railway system through solar energy since some of the UK’s railway systems run on direct current (DC), which solar modules produce. Thus, there is no need to convert solar energy into alternating current. Now the pilot scheme of connecting solar power directly to rail […]

Manufacturers welcome govt’s move to allow sale, registration of EVs without pre-fitted batteries

Solar-charged vanadium flow machine pre-qualifies for UK’s frequency response market

‘Flow batteries’ could provide frequency response in the UK for the first time ever, as a modestly sized solar-plus-storage system has been pre-qualified into National Grid’s dynamic firm frequency response (dFFR) market. Last week energy storage technology provider and system integrator RedT – which prefers the description ‘flow machines’ for its vanadium redox flow, long […]

Greenskies Becomes First Solar Developer to Achieve Stem’s Premier Partner Status with Stem University

Oil major BP aims to fully charge electric cars in 5 minutes by 2021

UK oil giant British Petroleum has plans to make charging an electric car as close as possible to refuelling a regular fossil-fuelled vehicle. In a recent interview, BP’s head of technology David Eyton said that it wants to provide batteries for electric cars by 2021 that can charge to 100% within just five minutes. BP, […]

Commissioners Authorize Construction of Electric Vehicle Charging Station in Leonardtown

Battery safety: UK net zero success could depend on 20 million ‘mini power stations’

The UK will need 20 million ‘mini power stations’ to reach its net zero energy goals, with the need to create a policy framework for technologies like solar PV and energy storage an immediate priority, a group convened in Britain’s parliament this week heard. While other rooms at Portcullis House, Westminster, were given over to […]

Powerhouses: nanotechnology turns bricks into batteries

Optimisation of battery throughput means optimised revenues, Open Energi’s data science lead says

Batteries are now one of a “huge variety of distributed energy assets capable of providing flexible capacity to the network”, but failure to manage them correctly will limit the market opportunities available, as well as the lifetime of the systems themselves, the data science head of UK flexible energy tech company Open Energi has said. […]

Greenskies Becomes First Solar Developer to Achieve Stem’s Premier Partner Status with Stem University

E.ON’s move to supply 100% renewable electricity signals changing trend in UK power market, says GlobalData

E.ON’s move to supply its residential customers with 100% renewable electricity can potentially influence the *Big Six to move towards renewable energy and signals a changing trend in the UK power market, says GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company. With the UK aiming to phase out all its coal-fired plants by 2025, the Big […]

ANU Unveils Solar-to-Hydrogen Cells Made of Silicon and Perovskite with Conversion Efficiency of 17.6%

UK launches green finance strategy to tackle climate change

The UK has unveiled a green finance strategy, setting out plans to increase investment in sustainable projects and infrastructure. The strategy will ensure that financial risks and opportunities from climate change are integrated into mainstream financial decision-making and increase the availability of finance to make the most of this economic opportunity, one which brings together […]

Breaking News – GUVNL 700MW eRA

Two more US utilities make major gas, solar and storage plans

Utilities in New Mexico and Tennessee have both released plans for new solar, storage and gas infrastructure. The New Mexico plan is more immediate as it is linked to the closure of the San Juan coal power station in June 2022. The utility PNM has asked the state’s regulator to approve “the securitization of the […]

Greenskies Becomes First Solar Developer to Achieve Stem’s Premier Partner Status with Stem University

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