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EQ In Exclusive Conversation With Mr.Chatursing Rajput, Director of 4fores India Pvt Ltd

1. Please tell us more about your company, current product / technology / service offerings 4fores, a technology-based Spanish company offering engineering services for the “optimization of renewable energy systems”.At 4fores, we always thrive for technological led innovation. Our R&D team is continuously investing in customer focused innovation projects. One such example is to design […]

EQ In Exclusive Conversation With Mr. Manish Singhal, Co-Founder – TerraNxt Pvt Ltd Ex – Director Solar PV Portfolio, ACWA Power

Digital Platform for Solar PV – Reducing Growing Soft Costs of PV Business Q1. What is your New Venture About? Ans: TerraNxt is creating a Digital Platform which will significantly reduce the fast growing Soft Costs* in Solar PV Business. Over last 3 decades, industry was focused in developing technologies that helps in reduction of […]

EQ In Exclusive Conversation With Mr. Brijesh Prajapati – Managing Director – APAC Region – INVT Solar Technology (Shenzhen) Co., LTD.

1. Could you take us through INVT Electric’s power & solar journey? INVT (Shenzhen INVT Electric Co., Ltd) was founded in 2002. It is a product and service provider in the world’s leading and respected industrial automation and energy power field. In 2010, the A-share were listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (Stock Code: 002334). […]

EQ In Exclusive Conversation With Mr. Varun Raj – Regional Sales Head, North India, GoodWe

1. What are your current product / technology / service offerings We at GoodWe continue to offer robust energy solutions for Indian solar market.We have quite a flexible range of solar On-Grid string inverter solutions for Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Utility projects in India. Our string Inverter range for Residential rooftop starts at 0.7kW and […]

EQ In Exclusive Conversation With Mr. Ibrahim Kadriinamdar, Regional Sales Manager – Solplanet

Please tell us more about your company, and directors in detail Solplanet is a brand of AISWEI, which is formerly known as SMA’s Chinese subsidiary and has successfully been manufacturing high-quality and reliable products for renowned brands like SMA and Zeversolar. Today, AISWEI is a leading R&D and manufacturing company focusing on clean energy. Headquartered […]

EQ In Exclusive Conversation With Mr. Vipin Bhardwaj, Country Manager – India – SolaX Power Network Technology (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd.

Q1.What kind of market do you anticipate in 2023 in terms of Utility / C&I / Residential ? Vipin Bhardwaj : In 2023, we anticipate a dynamic and evolving market in the renewable energy sector in India, characterized by growth across various segments. Here’s a breakdown of our expectations: Utility-Scale Market: We anticipate continued growth […]

EQ In Exclusive Conversation With Mr. Ashok DM, Founder, CEO & MD – EnerMAN Technologies Pvt Ltd

1. How does EnerMAN contribute to improving the efficiency and performance of solar PV plants, and what impact does this have on sustainability? Ashok: EnerMAN IoT SCADA product ETi-SOL, monitors the performance of key equipment 24/7 with sampling frequency of 1 minute and notify thealerts / alarm on breakdown of equipment infew seconds. This will […]

EQ In Exclusive Conversation With Mr. Ketan Vora – MD & CEO – WAA Cables Private Limited

Tell us more about your own professional journey, key learnings, key message from yourself WAA Cables, India’s leading manufacturer, heralded as the catalyst for transformation. With an unwavering dedication to excellence and cutting-edge technology, WAA Cables offers exceptional cables and wires that surpass industry standards, embodying reliability, efficiency, and innovation. WAA Cables Private Limited, an […]