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EQ In Exclusive Conversation With Ms Chirana Patel – Marketing and Operations – PVBLINK TECHNOLOGY PRIVATE LIMITED

EQ In Exclusive Conversation With Ms Chirana Patel – Marketing and Operations – PVBLINK TECHNOLOGY PRIVATE LIMITED


Company Specific Questions :

Whats your target or anticipated business for this FY for India

We are proud to be a part of Make in India Campaign of Government of India. Our target is to achieve 500 MW in a coming year and increasing capacity year on year. Currently our manufacturing unit is established in 15000sqft area of 3 storied building. We have planned construction for a visionary and fully automated manufacturing facility with more than 80000sq. ft area in next 3-4 years.

PVblink has an ambitious plan to expand its manufacturing unit capacity to 2GW by 2025. Currently possessing for residential range inverter, the company plans to manufacture the same for commercial and industrial range.

What are your current product / technology / service offerings

At the heart of PVblink’s success story lies its state-of-the-art solar inverter technology. PVblink’s inverters take efficiency and reliability to new heights. By incorporating advanced algorithms and smart grid integration, these inverters optimize energy conversion, ensuring every ray of sunlight is utilized to its maximum potential.

Since its inception, PVblink has achieved remarkable milestones. Partnering with industry leaders and collaborating with research institutions, the startup has been at the forefront of innovation, constantly pushing the boundaries of solar inverter technology. Their presence is already felt across India, where solar installations powered by PVblink’s inverters are making significant contributions to reducing dependence on fossil fuels.

Our Single phase inverter has 18Amp input current capacity, compatible with latest high watt peak modules. Our Three phase inverter has 36Amp input current capacity, compatible with latest high watt peak modules.

With a professional R&D team, PVblink puts its best foot forward in terms of product innovation and portfolio expansion, ensuring that production capacity and product quality go hand-in-hand across the entire range. PVblink is committed to becoming a major driving force in the global transition towards a sustainable future.

As a reliable and efficient solution and service provider, PVblink’s philosophy is to create a win-win partnerships with its customers. By understanding the pain points of customers and integrating them in our customer care, PVblink is able to offer outstanding before and after sales service.

What are the product launch plans for this year

In current Year, we are glad to announce that we are launching our single phase series from 0.6kw to 6kw with single and dual MPPT with Maximum Input Current Capacity of 18 Amp in India. And for Three Phase right now we are launching series of inverters from 5kw to 30kw with 3 MPPT and Maximum Input Current Capacity of 36 AMP.

PVblink also have a range of offgrid product solution as per market requirement from 1kva to 250kva.

Additionally, we understand the demand of the market and to comply the need of the market, our R&D team had successfully developed β€œHybrid Switch” which will be game changer of Industry through which one can be use their existing ongrid system’s modules for charging batteries of offgrid system.

What are the company’s strategies to achieve target anticipate for this FY

Company’s strategies to achieve target may include:

β€’ Our Marketing and sales strategies.
β€’ Expansion plans into specific geographic areas .
β€’ Partnerships or collaborations.
β€’ Product or service enhancements. – Our R&D Team is continuously working for product innovations and enhancement.
β€’ Customer acquisition and retention strategies.

Tell us more about your own professional journey, key learnings, key message fromYourself

With a mission to make solar energy accessible to all, PVblink is democratizing clean power generation. By offering a range of inverter models suitable for residential, commercial, and industrial applications, the startup is bridging the gap between renewable energy technology and diverse consumer needs. Moreover, their commitment to affordability ensures that solar power becomes a viable choice for a wider demographic, accelerating the transition to a cleaner energy future.

Please tell us more about your company, directors in detail

PVblink Technology Pvt. Ltd. is a Solar Inverter Manufacturing company and has a global presence. The company has been founded by a group of highly experienced renewable energy professionals who have a collective vision of widening the accessibility of renewable energy.

Our mission is to become a leading provider of solar inverters across all solar PV segments. PVblink is an ISO 9001:2015 certified Company that prioritises ethical and correct business practices. With research and manufacturing of PV inverters and renewable energy solutions at its core, PVblink is able to offer an extensive product portfolio for residential, commercial and industrial purposes.

Market Specific Questions

What is the Opportunity in India Currently…in Terms of Projects in Tender, Pipelineetc…Opportunities in Manufacturing etc…

India is taking significant steps toward the solar energy sector and has set ambitious targets for renewable energy capacity addition. The government has been actively promoting solar energy through various initiatives, policies, and tenders, creating opportunities in the manufacturing and project development sectors.

There has been a visible impact of solar energy in the Indian energy scenario during the last few years.

Mission’s objective is to establish India as a global leader in solar energy by creating the policy conditions for solar technology diffusion across the country as quickly as possible.

India aims to create a solar power capacity of 280 GW by 2030.

In order to achieve the target, Government of India have launched various schemes to encourage generation of solar power in the country like Solar Park Scheme, Kusum yojana, Canal bank & Canal top Scheme, Bundling Scheme, Grid Connected Solar Rooftop Scheme etc.

Currently Solar power installed capacity has reached around 70 GW.

Government provide the opportunity in terms of tenders by giving best subsidies to the consumers from prospective suppliers.

The β€œMake in India” Campaign run by government has encourage the manufacturers in India to start the manufacturing of solar inverters, Solar panels, Batteries and other related equipments. These campaign encourages the establishment of solar manufacturing facility in the country.

What kind of market do you anticipate in 2023 in terms of Utility / C&I / Residential

Solar industry has been experiencing significant growth globally, including in utility, commercial and industrial (C&I), and residential sectors. This trend is driven by factors such as decreasing costs of solar technology, increasing environmental awareness, supportive government policies and tenders, etc…

In recent years, utility-scale solar projects have gained momentum due to their potential for large-scale electricity generation and cost competitiveness. Governments and utilities often conduct auctions and tenders for the development of utility-scale solar parks and projects.

The C&I sector has also shown promising growth in solar adoption. Many commercial and industrial establishments are installing solar systems to reduce energy costs, enhance sustainability efforts, and meet renewable energy targets. These shows the best opportunity of growth for the suppliers, EPC constructors etc..

The residential solar market has seen increasing interest as well, driven by subsidy schemes, net metering policies, and consumer awareness of the benefits of solar power. Homeowners are opting for rooftop solar installations to generate clean energy, reduce electricity bills, and contribute to environmental sustainability.

Which regions or states looks most promising to you for 2023

The top 5 states for installed renewable capacity in India are Rajasthan, Gujarat , Karnataka, Tamilnadu and Maharashtra.

Rajasthan has the highest solar power generation potential of any state in the country. The state recently surpassed Karnataka as the leading state in solar installations. Rajasthan’s operational solar power projects produced roughly 17GW of solar energy.

How much manufacturing capacity India has in terms of Solar Modules, Inverters, Cells etc and whats your anticipation in capacity addition in 2023

According to reports India’s capacity to manufacture solar modules, Inverter, Cells etc.. is around 38GW and is expected to reach approximately 95 GW by the end of the calendar year 2025.

What kind of growth do you see coming in the Residential Sector Demand

As India Government and also State Governments in India are very much aggressive for installation of Green energy, Residential sector is the best sector which can be focused for maximum reach for the usage of green energy. Government of india also had started National Portal for direct subsidy distribution to end users and also some state governments are running their own tenders to push this sector. So we believe that Residential sector will be always an attractive sector for solar integrators and consumers.

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