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EQ In Exclusive Conversation With Mr. Darshan Pandya, Managing Director – India – Foxess

EQ In Exclusive Conversation With Mr. Darshan Pandya, Managing Director – India – Foxess


1. How much business have you done so far in India?

We express our sincere gratitude to our Business Partner, EPC, and End-users for their invaluable support, co-operation, and trust in us.With the strong back support of all these stakeholders, we have successfully delivered over 300Mw of solar inverters in India. Through a comprehensive and forward-looking business roadmap, we are strategically positioning ourselves to achieve sustainable growth in both current and future sales.

2. What is your target or anticipated business for this FY for India?

We are very much optimistic this year with our sale forecast of 200Mw+ and with our strategic initiatives and solid customer base we will contribute to steady growth and a successful year ahead.

3. What are your current products / technology / service offerings?

Currently we are offering on-grid inverters ranging from 1-25kW, 75-110kW, and hybrid inverters ranging from 3-10kW. Fox ESS is a company with a dedicated research and development team that continually aligns its innovations with customer requirements and market demands.

For instance, our Starfin heatsink claims a distinctive design, delivering a remarkable 30% better cooling performance compared to competitors. Its sleek aesthetics, user-friendly operation, in-built customer interface, and our unwavering dedication to quality makes our inverters strong competitors in our industry. Our product excels becauseofbrilliant engineering, top-tier components, dedicated monitoring system, 16 A current support and many other features which make our product unique in terms of appearance, touch, and display compared to other products.

Moreover, our complete supply chain and exceptionalengineering for all our products makes us the Top Brand globally.

4. Please tell us more about your company?

Fox ESS is one of the vertical of Tsingshan Group, a renowned Fortune Global 500 company and the leading producer of stainless steel globally. Moreover, the company holds the top position in nickel production and ranks fourth in lithium resources. As of 2023, Tsingshan Group boasts an impressive manufacturing capacity of 86 GWh for batteries and energy storage systems. These facts highlight the company’s exceptional prominence and accomplishments within the industry.

In just short span of 3 years, Fox ESS has made it to the Forbes China list of unicorn companies. We have a massive 12GW factory in Wenzhou, led by visionary management and an excellent R&D team, making us the preferred choice for customers worldwide. Our dedicated R & D team is continuously working to improve our technology and products. In the Indian market, we began by offering on-grid inverters, and now we provide on-grid inverters ranging from 1-25kW, 75-110kW, as well as hybrid inverters from 3-10kW.

We have a full production and supply chain that covers everything from smelting nickel-chromium alloys to producing battery materials, manufacturing battery cells, assembling battery packs, and producing on-grid and energy storage inverters.

Our efforts have been widely recognized in India and around the world, motivating us to continue working hard and striving for excellence.

5. What are the products launch plans in near future?

Fox ESS has made its mark as a global supplier, with a presence across the world. In India, we are providing an impressive inverter for the Commercial and Industrial (C&I) sector, ranging from 75kW to 110kW, along with hybrid inverters from 3kW to 10kW. These high-quality products are now readily available through our extensive network of business partners.

We now offer a diverse range of advanced products. This includes Lithium Battery Prismatic Cells, EV Chargers, Stackable Batteries, and exclusively, Micro Inverters, which were recently unveiled at the prestigious SNEC event in China.

6. What kind of growth do you see coming in the Residential Sector Demand?

The growth of solar inverters in the residential sector is expected to continue due to several key factors: Ongoing awareness of environmental issues and to reduce carbon footprints have motivated many to invest in solar energy. The Indian government also offer incentives, subsidies, and implementing policies to promote solar energy in the residential sector. These make solar installations more financially attractive to residential owners, boosting the demand for solar inverters. Furthermore, significant long-term cost savings on electricity bills, making them an attractive investment for residential customers.

As the industry continues to evolve, advancements in technology, changes in government policies, and environmental considerations will play significant roles in shaping the future of residential solar and the demand for solar inverters. As the residential solar industry grows, competition among solar inverter manufacturers has increased, leading to product innovation. The residential solar inverter market is expected to experience nonstop growth as more residential owners adopt solar energy solutions.

“We always has for long partnered with only the best product manufacturers. Fox ESS inverters are undoubtedly technically advanced, dependable and come with the most modern featuresand after sales service. We and our stake holders have been satisfied with Fox ESS for it’s the product quality and service.Technology superior inverter have better growth in Indian market.”

Pradeep Srikanthan – VP, Redignton Solar

“We are proud to be a channel partner of Fox ESS.The product is excellent, the service is exceptionaland they handle every aspect of it seamlessly.Their excellent customer support after the sale makes sure our customers are happy. We been delivering the products in Indian market fortwo years and Fox ESSIndiateam has given good support in all aspects. I strongly believe thatthat spending a bit extra onwell-engineered products is worthwhile as compared to some compromised product.”

Jay Bhatt – Director, Yuvaan Energy

“We very happy to work with Fox ESS. I receive all the necessary support from the company to serve my customers better. The product quality is outstanding, and their after-sales service is worth appreciating. Fox ESS inverter remains a reliable and efficient option for anyone seeking to convert solar energy into usable electricity. Their commitment to a long-term vision for the Indian market is what convinced us to become their partner. I believe that, brands with focus on good quality, service and long-term vision can surely survivein the Indian Market. Just offering products at lower value doesn’t assurance long-term success. Indian customers are becoming smart and are opting high-quality and technically advanced products, and this is where Fox ESS stands out.”

 Mr. Neveil Thakkar & Mr. Jay Thakkar

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network