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Panasonic Unveils Sleek Black Solar Panel Additions to Roster of Photovoltaic Module HIT® Products

New N320K, N315K and N310K models are the latest additions to Panasonic’s line of high-efficiency solar panels designed for residential applications. Aesthetically remodeled to blend in seamlessly with most rooftops. Highest level conversion efficiency among black panels available in the market. Backed by Panasonic’s 15 year product warranty. Designed to operate at high-efficiency even in […]

Tigo Introduces New Optimizers Utilizing UHD-Core Technology – MARCH 2017

Tigo®, pioneer of the smart modular Flex MLPE platform, recently announced the worldwide release of its next generation of solar optimizers, now featuring UHD-Core (Ultra-High Definition) technology. The UHD-Core technology is available within Tigo’s TS4 products: TS4-O (Optimization) and TS4-L (Long Strings) optimizers. With a new design architecture and component rating, Tigo’s TS4-O and TS4-L […]

1366 Technologies Supplies Direct Wafer® Products for First Commercial Solar Array

Silicon wafer manufacturer 1366 Technologies today announced that Japan’s IHI Corporation, through its wholly-owned subsidiary IHI Plant Construction Co., Ltd (IPC), has begun construction on a 500 kW solar installation that will feature more than 120,000 wafers made with 1366’s Direct Wafer® process. The array, located in the Japanese prefecture Hyōgo and consisting of IEC-certified […]

1366 Technologies Achieves 19.9% Efficiency Using Direct Wafer® and Hanwha Q CELLS Q.ANTUM Cell Technologies

Silicon wafer manufacturer 1366 Technologies today announced a new performance record for its Direct Wafer® technology with the achievement of 19.9% cell efficiency through 1366’s ongoing technical partnership with Hanwha Q CELLS. The result, which was independently confirmed by the Fraunhofer ISE CalLab, clearly demonstrates the rapid efficiency gains that are possible with 1366’s kerfless, […]

EcoSolarCool Announces Two New Solar Refrigerator Models

EcoSolarCool is a global brand that has manufactured solar refrigerators, solar freezers and solar powered air conditioners for customers worldwide since 2007. After 2 years in development EcoSolarCool kicks off 2017 with the release of two excellent additions to their Solar Refrigerator Upright product line (See attached brochure).EcoSolarCool’s key goal with their new range included, developing […]

Panasonic extends product warranty for solar modules HIT® to 25 years of 20 years of production of photovoltaic module HIT®

Panasonic extends the product warranty for its highly efficient photovoltaic modules HIT® in Europe to 25 years. With a warranty extension of ten years, the global electronics group and manufacturer of highly efficient solar module HIT® customers offers even more security in the acquisition and operation of photovoltaic plants. The warranty extension applies to all HIT® […]

Arctech Solar Localizes Its Redundancy Tracker with Larger Rotation Angle for Japan PV Market

President of Arctech Solar’s international business, Mr. Guy Rong, commented: “This year, we will continuously increase our investment in the Japanese market. This is because we are very optimistic about industrial rules, market mechanisms and stable and professional customers in the Japan PV market after several years’ of development. Although there is a remarkable trend […]

HT-SAAE Launches A Range of High-efficiency PV Modules In Tokyo

Shanghai Aerospace Automobile Electromechanical Co., Ltd (HT-SAAE), world’s leading manufacturer of solar PV products, showcased the latest lineup of its high-efficiency module products in Tokyo on Feb. 28. The lineup includes the HyperC high-efficiency mono-crystalline PV modules, Hyper Black high-efficiency poly-crystalline PV modules, and the Milky Way N-type bifacial Dual Glass 5BB modules. Launching these […]