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MiaSolé FLEX-03W Flexible, Lightweight Solar Module Now More Powerful

MiaSolé FLEX-03W Flexible, Lightweight Solar Module Now More Powerful


MiaSolé FLEX-03W delivers up to 540W in a 5.6kg flexible, thin, ultra-light, highly efficient shatterproof module, enabling solar anywhere

SHANGHAI: MiaSolé Hi-Tech Corp., a leader in thin-film CIGS modules, cells and equipment, and a subsidiary of Hanergy Thin Film Power Group, announced today that its FLEX-03W solar module, the world’s most powerful production thin-film solar module, is now even more powerful, delivering up to 540W in only 5.6kg, an improvement of nearly 10%.

The flexible solar module can be installed in any location, anywhere the sun shines, on and off the grid – even in places where it previously was not possible to install solar. The FLEX-03W removes the limitations imposed by rigid glass panels that can only be installed in certain conditions based on the type of structure or roofing of the building. MiaSolé’s ultra-light, high-efficiency flexible solar module continues to open up new markets, create new applications, and enable new product design possibilities for manufacturers to integrate solar solutions into their products.

“Our improved flexible ultra-light solar solution empowers the next generation of flexible solar technology, allowing solar power generation wherever the sun shines,” said Mike Ma, Vice President of Global Business Development, Sales and Marketing at MiaSolé. “Our thin-film solar technology overcomes the limitations of rigid glass panels, and our continuous research into improving our technology has provided an increase in power output of almost 10%. Our flexible solar module weighs 85% less than standard glass panels, allowing our modules to go where glass solar panels can’t.”

MiaSolé’s FLEX-03W solar modules are the highest efficiency, production available thin-film solar technology on the market today. Their production efficiency of over 18% is more than two times greater than MiaSolé’s previous generations. The modules can be configured in various sizes and modified to fit any application without penetration through exteriors by adhering directly to surfaces with peel-and-stick adhesive. Because they are flexible and only 1.5 mm thick, the modules are highly shatterproof and resistant to wind and seismic activity.

MiaSolé’s flexible solar product is ushering in the “solar anywhere” movement, as it can be installed in such a wide array of locations and applications, such as:

  • Curved and unreinforced roofs and other structures
  • Transportation applications
  • Concrete roofs
  • Off-grid products and materials such as awnings, tents, or jackets
  • Infrastructure such as street lamps, reservoirs, and landfills
  • Off-grid installations in remote locations where grid connections are not available

About MiaSolé Hi-Tech Corp.

MiaSolé is a producer of lightweight, flexible, shatterproof and powerful solar cells and cell manufacturing equipment. The innovative solar cell is based on the highest efficiency thin film technology available today, and its flexible cell architecture makes it ideal for a wide variety of solutions ranging from commercial roofing solar modules to flexible mobile energy devices. MiaSolé’s turnkey CIGS equipment lines, CIGS process equipment technology, proprietary CIG target manufacturing, R&D product development support and spare parts allow customers to produce their own high-efficiency cells and solar products. Founded in 2004, MiaSolé has evolved into the world leader in thin-film solar module efficiency, with aperture efficiencies as high as 18.3% in production.

Source: MiaSolé
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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