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Reduce Energy Bills with a Solar Investment

According to the California Solar Initiative (CSI), California leads the nation in solar projects with a reported 580,741 solar projects installed in the last 12 months. While a solar power investment aligns homeowners with the popular green energy movement, there are also solid financial reasons to invest in solar. Gilmore Heating, Air, Solar offers advice […]

Pattern Energy Publishes White Paper on Renewable Energy Development

Pattern Energy Group Inc. recently announced it has published a white paper (the “White Paper”) on its website outlining the business model, investment thesis and phases of development. “We believe that development undertaken with a disciplined, experienced approach offers one of the more attractive risk-reward profiles in the renewable energy value chain,” said Mike Garland, CEO of […]

Students to Build More Than 100 Renewable Energy Kits in PG&E’s Solar Suitcase Program

Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) announced recently a $400,000 grant that will put more than 100 portable solar kits into the hands of 2,000 students through central and northern California. Students will build portable solar units, participate in local sustainability projects and advance energy equity globally by providing clean, reliable power to energy-scarce regions […]

7X Energy, Inc. Launches Industry’s First Solar Block-and-Index Power Purchasing Strategy

7X Energy, Inc., an innovation leader in utility-scale solar development, recently announced the availability of SolarBlocksTM, the first block-and-index power purchasing product in which the blocks of energy are generated by a greenfield solar plant developed by 7X Energy. Traditionally, blocks are supplied by a variety of generation sources on an energy buyer’s local grid.SolarBlocks […]

Pattern Energy Acquires 324 MW Broadview Wind in New Mexico as it Begins Operations

Pattern Energy Group Inc. recently announced it has acquired interests in the two wind projects that comprise the 324 megawatt (“MW”) Broadview Wind power facilities (“Broadview”) and associated independent 35-mile 345 kV Western Interconnect transmission line (“Western Interconnect”) from Pattern Energy Group LP (“Pattern Development 1.0”) for $269 million, consisting of cash consideration of $215 […]

PG&E Calls for Proposals from Local California Renewable Energy Developers for Clean Energy Program

Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) recently announced a call for proposals for renewable energy developers to build new projects for a clean energy program available to PG&E customers. The sites are for PG&E’s Regional Renewable Choice program that will expand renewable energy access by enabling customers to work directly with developers of new renewable projects. […]

ACCIONA and Secretary of State Pablos Inaugurate the 93 MW San Roman Wind Farm in Cameron County

Secretary of State Rolando Pablos joined ACCIONA Energy, a leading global operator of renewable energy projects, to inaugurate the 93-megawatt (MW) San Roman Wind Farm today. San Roman will produce enough energy to power more than 30,000 homes in Southeast Texas. Located near Brownsville and equipped with 31 AW125/3000 turbines, San Roman is ACCIONA’s eighth […]