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Electric vehicles will meet lifestyles and banish servos

FORGET pulling into the servo. Electric cars of the future will refuel at destinations which suit our habits. E-mobility technology company Tritium has worked in 27 countries installing electric car charging infrastructure, with facilities being installed at popular destinations, as well as restaurants, shopping centres and hotels. “At the moment with petrol cars everyone goes […]

Volkswagen is pushing for CO2 neutral production of electric cars

The Volkswagen group is doing a 180-degree turn from their emission cheating days to pushing for CO2 neutral production of electric cars. In a new presentation, VW shows how the I.D., its first next-generation electric vehicle, will be “CO2 neutral throughout the entire life cycle if the customer consistently charges with green power.” They want to address CO2 emissions through the […]

Amazon Leads Investment Round Of $700 Million In Electric Vehicle Startup Rivian

The rumor reported earlier this week that Amazon and General Motors would be heavily investing in electric vehicle maker Rivian turned out to be only partially true. Rivian announced this morning that Amazon has, in fact, led an investment round of $700 million, driving the value of the Michigan-based company over a billion dollars and elevating it to unicorn […]