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The fight to define clean hydrogen – EQ Mag

What counts as green hydrogen is a $100 billion dollar question. Last year’s Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) highlighted clean hydrogen’s important role in addressing climate change by offering generous incentives for the burgeoning technology. Now, the U.S. Treasury has to define what “clean hydrogen” actually means, and with $100 billion in hydrogen tax credits on […]

Nine Years Series: National Hydrogen Mission – EQ Mag

Inside the fierce debate over clean hydrogen, with $100 billion in federal subsidies on the line – EQ Mag

One of the most significant tax credits in the historic climate bill was a massive tax credit to make clean hydrogen, using methods that minimize greenhouse gas emissions. The U.S. Treasury Department and the IRS are hashing out how the tax credit will be executed, and are facing strong arguments from two sets of stakeholders. […]

Nine Years Series: National Hydrogen Mission – EQ Mag

The clean hydrogen opportunity for hydrocarbon-rich countries – EQ Mag

Hydrogen could play an important role in helping hard-to-abate sectors meet climate targets. Countries with hydrocarbon resources and industry expertise can help build and scale the needed technology. Industry leaders are under pressure as the global climate change debate has amplified the call to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius.1 Hydrocarbon-rich countries (HRCs) could […]

A global solar transition could leave Africa in the shade -EQ

Clean Hydrogen: A long-awaited solution for hard-to-abate sectors – EQ Mag Pro

New research in Nature Energy models the value of clean hydrogen in decarbonizing heavy industries/heavy transport One of the world’s biggest climate challenges is decarbonizing fossil energy uses that cannot be directly electrified using renewable power. Among these so-called “hard-to-abate” (HTA) sectors are major industries that rely on fossil fuels, either for high-temperature energy or […]

Nine Years Series: National Hydrogen Mission – EQ Mag

Renewable Energy Ministry organizes Quad Workshop on Clean Hydrogen – EQ Mag Pro

The Quad Clean Hydrogen Strategic Initiative seeks to strengthen infrastructure projects for clean hydrogen and find new business prospects in this area. New Delhi: The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy today organised the Quad Workshop on Regulations, Codes and Standards (RCS) for Clean Hydrogen, as part of efforts under the Quad Clean Energy Pillar […]

India, Bhutan to work together in fields of environment, climate change – EQ

Clean hydrogen and its potential for international collaboration: TERI and the Netherlands Innovation Network publish report – EQ Mag Pro

New Delhi : With hydrogen emerging as a significant alternative to decarbonize multiple sectors, The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) and the Netherlands Innovation Network jointly brought out a white paper on international hydrogen collaboration in New Delhi on Friday. Speaking at the launch of the report, Dr Vibha Dhawan, Director General, TERI highlighted the […]

India, Bhutan to work together in fields of environment, climate change – EQ

Hydra-Headed Hydrogen-Business Journal – EQ Mag Pro

The International Energy Agency (IEA) has identified four near-term opportunities to boost hydrogen on the path towards its clean, widespread use. Focusing on these real-world springboards could help hydrogen achieve the necessary scale to bring down costs and reduce risks for governments and the private sector. While each opportunity has a distinct purpose, all four […]

Nine Years Series: National Hydrogen Mission – EQ Mag

Here’s why one solar industry veteran is betting big on clean hydrogen – EQ Mag Pro

Raffi Garabedian spent a dozen years developing solar panel technology at First Solar, a photovoltaics company that currently has a market value of more than $8 billion. He co-founded a clean hydrogen company, Electric Hydrogen, with three other climate executives: David Eaglesham, Dorian West and Derek Warnick. The team at Electric Hydrogen is reinventing the […]

Nine Years Series: National Hydrogen Mission – EQ Mag

Chinese Boom Stoking a Doubling of ‘Nearly Everything’ in Clean Hydrogen: BNEF

Global clean H2 market growing rapidly driven by demand in Asian superpower, analyst says in second quarter sector outlook. The global clean hydrogen market is growing rapidly, with expectations “nearly everything” in the market will double in size this year, from electrolyser installations to the number of countries creating H2 strategies, BloombergNEF said in its […]

Nine Years Series: National Hydrogen Mission – EQ Mag