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Bumper green aluminium output is good news for carmakers, and climate – EQ Mag

Aluminium makers are set to boost low-carbon metal output by 10 per cent in 2023 and churn out even more in the years ahead, driving down the cost for carmakers seeking climate-friendly supplies and shrinking the industry’s hefty carbon footprint. Aluminium is the most energy-intensive metal to produce, accounting for about 1.1 billion tonnes of […]

Europe is world’s fastest warming continent: climate report – EQ Mag

Policy, climate, war make 2022 ‘pivot year’ for clean energy – EQ Mag

BENGALURU, India : For renewable energy companies in India, it’s a good time to be in business. One of India’s largest renewable energy firms, Renew Power, will be among the corporations big and small hoping for a piece of a $2.6 billion government scheme that encourages the domestic manufacturing of components required to produce solar […]

Uttar Pradesh (UP) plans to launch the ‘Har Ghar Solar Abhiyan’ initiative starting from October 2nd – EQ

Where Do We Stand on COP26 Climate Promises? A Progress Report

Leaders left the climate summit in Glasgow (COP26) in November 2021 riding high on a wave of new commitments from governments, businesses and others to tackle the climate crisis. This included pledges to set new national emission-reductions targets, double adaptation finance, curb methane emissions, halt forest loss, accelerate the phase-out of coal, and end international […]

Biden’s green hydrogen plan hits climate obstacle: Water shortage – EQ Mag

ACORE Applauds President Biden’s Executive Actions on Climate, Urges Legislative Action – EQ Mag Pro

Statement From Jose Zayas, Executive Vice President of Policy and Programs at the American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE): “We agree with the President’s remarks that climate change is a clear and present danger. Today’s executive actions are a meaningful step toward addressing the climate emergency, but truly tackling the worst impacts of climate change […]

Stellantis says it is evaluating Tesla’s charging standard – EQ Mag

Delhi: How ride-hailing startups with electric vehicle-only fleet are ushering in change for climate – EQ Mag Pro

NEW DELHI: Two months ago, the AAP government issued a draft policy making Delhi the first state in the country to adopt a policy to regulate vehicular emissions from app-based cab aggregators. The draft policy mandated that aggregators would need to ensure that 10% of all newly onboarded two-wheelers and 5% of four-wheelers were electric […]

Ather Energy ties up with BPCL to expand charging infrastructure


Mumbai: EverSource Capital (EverSource) has completed the final close of India’s largest climate impact fund, Green Growth Equity Fund (the Fund), at US$ 741 million, making GGEF one of the largest single-country funds focused on Climate change, Mitigation and Adaptation in the emerging markets. EverSource is investing to combat climate change by focusing on the […]

Uttar Pradesh (UP) plans to launch the ‘Har Ghar Solar Abhiyan’ initiative starting from October 2nd – EQ

Germany faces ”gigantic” task meeting energy, climate goals – EQ Mag Pro

Germany’s new climate minister said Tuesday that the country faces a “gigantic” task if it wants to achieve its goals for reducing greenhouse gas emissions while ensuring sufficient energy for its energy-hungry industry. Robert Habeck, a member of the environmentalist Greens, told reporters in Berlin that Germany is on track to halve its emissions by […]

Biden’s green hydrogen plan hits climate obstacle: Water shortage – EQ Mag

Hydrogen power is gaining momentum, but critics say it’s neither efficient nor green enough – EQ Mag Pro

When you burn hydrogen, you generate energy in the form of heat, and the only by-product is water, making it a clean source of energy. However, it requires energy to make the hydrogen in the first place. Hydrogen is part of climate discussions for hard-to-decarbonize sectors like trucking, airplanes and as a store of electricity. […]

Nine Years Series: National Hydrogen Mission – EQ Mag

‘The role of green hydrogen in achieving a climate-compatible future – is there one? – EQ Mag Pro

The growing clamour around renewable H2 ignores some harsh realities that will limit its role in the energy transition — not least the laws of physics, writes Andreas Biermann Green hydrogen is being heavily promoted by some quarters of the energy world, with some saying it is the only way to achieve deep decarbonization in […]

Nine Years Series: National Hydrogen Mission – EQ Mag

ADB Announces Support for Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures – EQ Mag Pro

MANILA, PHILIPPINES : The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has declared its support for the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), reaffirming its commitment to building a more resilient financial system, increasing transparency, and safeguarding against risks from climate change through enhanced disclosure. “By signing up to this important initiative, ADB is demonstrating its commitment […]

Japan aims to become major offshore wind energy producer – EQ Mag