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Eversource Wants to Back Up an Entire Rural Town With Batteries Large and Small

Can grid resiliency finally pay for itself? New England utility Eversource wants to deploy energy storage to back up an outage-prone New Hampshire town, while saving customers money. The 18,070 residents of Westmoreland rely on a single radial power line to deliver electricity through the forested, rural surroundings. Ice storms and heavy snowfall regularly knock […]

RWE Renewables’ first European-based battery storage project has entered full operations in Ireland.

Rule Change Would Imperil UK Commercial Storage Market

The Triad demand charge could give way to a fixed fee, eliminating the need for batteries onsite. The fledgling British commercial and industrial energy storage industry faces a mortal challenge from a proposed market rule change. The U.K. energy regulator, Ofgem, published a proposed rule last week that would eliminate the current demand charge mechanism […]

Advanced compressed air energy storage project gets funding help from Canadian government

New Hampshire Utility to Fight System Peaks With Home Batteries Under New Settlement

Liberty Utilities will own up to 500 units, but the compromise allows third parties to participate, too. Negotiations in New Hampshire produced a pivotal test case for how home energy devices can reduce overall grid costs. Liberty Utilities proposed a groundbreaking home battery pilot last year, in which the company would own 1,000 Tesla Powerwalls […]

Morgan Stanley aims to support $750 bln in low-carbon investments by 2030