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Banks Will No Longer Finance Fossil Fuels

Neutrino Energy Stems the Tide of Disaster BERLIN : The Neutrino Energy Group is the world’s preeminent developer of neutrino energy technology. With CEO Holger Thorsten Schubart at the helm, this partnership of American and German organizations seeks to solve today’s fossil fuel crisis with the power of neutrinos. Banks Will No Longer Finance Fossil […]

Canadian Investment Manager Jumps into U.S. Community Solar Market with Nautilus Acquisition

Canadian Power Energy Corp. wants a slice of the “huge” U.S. market. The environmental impact arm of investment management and holding company Power Corporation of Canada this week took full ownership of U.S. community solar developer Nautilus Solar. The acquisition fits within the broader trend of institutional investors dipping into solar, and the community solar […]

Senegal: Proparco, IFC and EIB finance the construction of two new solar power plants as part of the Scaling Solar program

Through the financing of the construction of two solar power plants in Senegal, Proparco, IFC and EIB are reaffirming their commitment to sustainable development on the African continent. These two new large-scale power plants, the 7th and 8th built in Senegal in less than 3 years, illustrate the strong momentum underway in the country towards […]

World Bank: Cost declines in solar-plus-storage could see 490 million relying on microgrids by 2030

Plummeting solar-plus-storage costs could help electrify millions worldwide by facilitating a ten-fold explosion of mini-grid systems, a new report from the World Bank has said. The 19,000 mostly hydro- and diesel-based mini-grids that power 47 million people today could boom to 210,000 systems powering 490 million by 2030, according to the institution. Its report said […]

Summit Ridge Energy Secures Project Finance Fund for 100MW of Community Solar

One more financier is jumping into the budding community solar market. Low-carbon investment firm Hannon Armstrong has partnered with developer Summit Ridge Energy to finance community solar projects, the companies announced this week. The companies structured the deal as a joint venture called Summit Ridge Capital, which will invest cash equity in community projects that […]

IEEFA: Solar-plus-storage undermines coal economics by ‘hundreds of millions’ of dollars

Tumbling solar-plus-storage costs could see the hybrid technology become a money saver for US firms grappling with expensive legacy coal portfolios, according to the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA). Utilities shutting down coal units ahead of their end-of-life point and replacing them with renewables, stand to reap savings in the “hundreds of […]

Spruce Finance Gets Second Act as Owner and Operator of Home Solar Assets

Having exited the residential solar loan and origination market last year, California-based Spruce has shifted to buying existing portfolios of projects. Spruce Finance, now a residential solar owner and operator, left the solar loan and origination market last year. Instead, the company said it’s been focused on growing its mergers and acquisitions platform. On Wednesday […]

How Power Market Structures are Driving Demand for Energy Storage Investment

On March 19, ACORE hosted an invite-only, executive meeting in Washington, D.C. to discuss evolving business models for energy storage and hybrid projects. Participants in the event, Aligning Market Incentives to Facilitate Financing and Deployment of Energy Storage, ranged from senior-level financiers to corporate offtakers, utilities, developers and wholesale markets. MISO, ERCOT, PJM and Grid Strategies kicked off the meeting with a […]