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Forests and climate change – EQ Mag

Discussions on how and if forests will adapt to climate change is practically non-existent in Nepal. KATHMANDU : Forests play an important role when it comes to climate change. Depending on different factors, they can be either sources or sinks of greenhouse gases (GHGs)—the reasons for global climate change. They release carbon into the atmosphere, […]

Climate change is wreaking havoc in India. It needs clarity and action now

India holds the key to hitting global climate change targets. Here’s why – EQ Mag

India has sizeable and growing energy needs, and with this, comes the prospect of spiralling greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs). The country has made huge strides in improving energy access, but needs to continue to develop the energy network and diversify its fuel mix. The country’s path to decarbonization could be a net-positive one if it […]

Climate change is wreaking havoc in India. It needs clarity and action now

Building the electric-vehicle charging infrastructure America needs – EQ Mag Pro

The United States needs many more EV-charging stations—and federal funds for them are coming. Seven principles could help US states and companies accelerate this buildout effectively. Cars and trucks produce nearly one-fifth of America’s greenhouse-gas emissions (GHGs), all of which must be eliminated to achieve the federal target of net-zero emissions by 2050. Although electric-vehicle […]

Maharashtra has highest number of public EV charging stations, followed by Delhi