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ABB showcasing smart power for intelligent data at Data Centre World

ABB showcasing smart power for intelligent data at Data Centre World


World first on stand G60 as ABB introduces innovative data center technologies. ABB will be at Data Centre World (DCW) in London ExCel on Stand G60 on 15 – 16 March to showcase its solutions for data centers, including a world premier update of the Emax 2 circuit breaker. The pioneering technology leader ABB, will be highlighting four areas of technology at DCW as global internet traffic has surpassed one zettabyte (one billion terabytes), the equivalent of 300 billion hours of video or 5,000 times all the words ever spoken by mankind. Visitors to stand G60 will be able to learn about electric power infrastructure with the highest reliability and energy efficiency levels, and the integration of renewables and conventional power sources. Ciaran Flanagan, ABB’s Global Segment Leader Data Centers said: “Everyone depends more and more on data, computing power and connectivity. We all rely on a data center somewhere and it needs to run efficiently. ABB’s industrial heritage, broad choice of electrification and automation solutions and our commitment to sustainability will help deliver intelligent power to secure the data needs of tomorrow.”

Electrical system protection with world’s first smart circuit breaker Emax 2 ABB is showcasing a world first on stand G60 at Data Centre World in the form of an innovative update for the Emax 2 smart circuit breaker that enables protection, control and management of data center power distribution and protection with smart circuit breakers. A software update to the Emax 2 smart circuit breaker makes electrical architectures more reliable and cost-effective than ever before by embedding greater functionality to create an all-in-one smart circuit breaker. Emax 2 is the first ever combined circuit breaker and power manager. By integrating further innovations, installations will be simpler and more cost-effective and end-users will gain more value from their investments. By embedding all the intelligence needed to manage an electrical system safely and productively, Emax 2 is a game-changing solution.

Addition of embedded functions like an automatic transfer switch means that Emax 2 is an all-in-one solution that combines advanced protection, programmable logic, full connectivity, easy integration and comprehensive energy management in one device. MNS-Up for enhanced reliability and protection in data centers Also on stand G60, ABB will be showing its scalable power distribution and protection solution for mission-critical applications. The MNS-Up integrates uninterrupted power supply (UPS) and switchgear technologies into a single modular system that can lower  footprint up to 30 percent, increase uptime and significantly reduce maintenance costs. MNS-Up is hot swappable to safely and rapidly exchange UPS modules without disconnecting power. Being modular, it can be extended incrementally as the facility grows – a feature that avoids overcapacity, which can be as serious an issue for downtime for data centers.

PCS120 MV UPS for mission critical facilities
In addition, ABB will highlight the PCS120 MV UPS, a next-generation medium voltage UPS for multi-megawatt power protection that is based on the flexible ZISC architecture. The transition from low voltage to medium voltage is a natural progression of power protection for large sized critical power facilities. By adopting power protection at medium voltage, data center operators benefit from greater energy efficiency as the lower currents at medium voltage lead to smaller cables and lower losses.

Impedance (Z) Isolated Static Converter (ZISC)
The other major product on ABB’s stand is ZISC, a revolutionary power conditioning and uninterruptible power supply architecture that supplies continuous clean power and provides protection from a broad spectrum of utility voltage events. It is based on ZISC architecture featuring an isolating line reactor coupled with high performance ABB power converters and advanced control. It provides unmatched reliability, high performance and class-leading efficiency. Alongside the innovative products on its stand, ABB experts will take to the stage throughout the exhibition to present the latest thinking at a series of keynote seminars.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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