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Bangalore School Becomes First To Run Solely On Solar Energy

Bangalore School Becomes First To Run Solely On Solar Energy


Solar energy is touted to be the future of clean and renewable energy. While India is a part of the global initiative in increasing the use of solar energy and decreasing use of fossil fuels, one school in Bangalore has made a tremendous step forward.

The Canadian International School in Bangalore has become the first school to run solely on power generated from solar energy.

Annually, the school requires around 4,25,000 kW of energy, and the solar panels they are using produce a total of 5 lakh kilowatt of energy per year, bypassing their requirements with a comfortable margin.

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The school is aiming towards producing 300 kilowatts per hour at the peak capacity for the peak hours between 10 AM and 4 PM. Since school hours coincide with sunlight hours, the school’s goal is that much easier.

Currently, the school is already producing more than the minimum power required to run the institution. The surplus energy generated by the school is provided to the state government for public utilisation.

Turning their initiative into a learning opportunity for the students, the school has installed a meter alongside a demo unit to depict how much electricity is being produced by the solar panels and how the conversion is taking place from solar energy to electricity.

Installing the solar panels in the school came at a cost of nearly Rs 3 crore, however, the Karnataka state government provided incentives to the school for the installation.

Source: newsworldindia.in
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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