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Divisional commissioner’s office gets solar boost

Divisional commissioner’s office gets solar boost


NASHIK: As Maharashtra Energy Development Authority (MEDA) celebrates the energy conservation drive, the divisional headquarter of Nashik has now got a 20 KW rooftop solar power harvester, costing Rs 21.80 lakh. “This will set an example for all other government departments on two counts.

First, to cut down the energy bill by 20% and second, to harness renewable energy for which all offices are being asked to keep aside some funds,” JV Torane, general manager of MEDA division office, said. The divisional office started functioning since April 2017 and took up propaganda of the policy on ‘energy conservation’ and on ‘harvesting

energy from renewable sources’ with all the government departments in the division, including Nashik, Jalgaon, Dhule and Nandurbar districts.
“Recently, the offices of chief conservator of forest, Nashik and the deputy conservator of forest set up the roof top solar power projects. We are pursuing the issue with all

regional and divisional offices and after that with the district headquarters of all government offices. However, the propaganda is also being carried out laterally meaning even the smallest of the offices is being contacted for better implementation of both these policies,” Torane said.

On the power saving activities, the official said that the scope of government offices to save power by achieving 20% cut was yet to be assessed. “We have, through our communication, instructed and requested the offices to carry out the energy audit and present their reports. Even the reports of compliance like what correctional measures

have been taken to cut down the power usage need to be submitted,” he said. Torane said that the government offices had to achieve 20% cut in power usage by switching over to power saving even as the having the roof-top solar power plant was optional.

He also pointed out that the biggest scope of achieving 20% cut in power consumption was with industries and hence he had plans to take up the issue with Maharashtra

Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC) and call for workshops. “The idea is to achieve the 20% power cut in peak demand and at the same time use the potential of the renewable (solar) energy available with roof top possibilities in the industries. They have huge potential and results would be simply fabulous,” he said..

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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