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Downtown Calgary to see 42 new electric vehicle charging stations

Downtown Calgary to see 42 new electric vehicle charging stations


With vast technological advancements in electric vehicles, many buyers are often faced with the reality that charging stations around the city are not as readily available as gas stations.

Electric vehicles owners will soon rejoice as the City of Calgary announces 42 EV charging stations will be set up within three downtown Calgary Parking Authority locations: Convention Centre Parkade, McDougall Parkade, and City Hall Parkade.

Thanks to the Tesla Charging Infrastructure Municipal Grant, the City of Calgary has approved 42 additional charging stations, a large step up on the six that are currently available.

Users will be able to charge their vehicles at these parking stalls at no extra cost.

The 48 EV charging stations will be outfitted with both Tesla-specific and universal plug-ins for all types of cars.

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Charging Stations (City of Calgary)

Eric MacNaughton, Senior Transportation Engineer with the City of Calgary, said in a release that, as part of Calgary’s Climate Resilience Strategy, it was determined that electric vehicles represent the single largest opportunity to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution from transportation.

“With exponential growth of electric vehicle adoption expected, these new charging stations are one way we can make sure Calgary is ready for the future of transportation,” he said, in the release.

This is one step towards Calgary’s preparation for the adoption of electric vehicles. The city is working with other municipalities to ensure that, as more electric vehicles drive onto the roads, the city is ready to accommodate.

With more government rebates and lower prices, electric vehicle ownership appears to be a more tangible concept for Calgarians. The Calgary Electric Vehicle Strategy highlights its commitment to reducing gas emissions on a provincial level.

New charging station locations

Convention Centre Parkade: 727 1st Street SE, Calgary

McDougall Parkade: 451 6th Street SW, Calgary

City Hall Parkade: 22 9th Avenue SE, Calgary

Source: dailyhive
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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