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E.ON networks home to one third of Germany’s renewables capacity

E.ON networks home to one third of Germany’s renewables capacity


Of the 96 gigawatts of installed renewables capacity subsidized under Germany’s Renewable Energy Law, fully one third – 34 percent – was connected to E.ON networks at the end of 2015. The company’s energy networks, which represent one of the three core businesses of its strategy, already deliver lots of green electricity to customers across Germany.

E.ON networks in Germany are home to a total of 32 gigawatts of renewables capacity, about as much as 100 large offshore wind farms. No other company in Germany has more green power fed into its networks. The most prevalent renewable energy source varies by region, with significantly more wind power in the North and more solar in the South.

At E.ON’s three network operators in northern Germany – Avacon, E.DIS, and Schleswig-Holstein Netz AG – wind power predominates. Here, a relatively small number of larger-capacity renewable-energy facilities are installed. Altogether, more than 100,000 facilities subsidized under the Renewable Energy Law are connected to the three companies’ networks. By contrast, a much larger number of smaller-capacity solar arrays are installed on the networks of Bayernwerk in southern Germany. About 260,000 renewable-energy facilities feed environmentally friendly electricity into Bayernwerk’s system.

“No company in Germany has integrated more renewable energy into its networks than E.ON,” Thomas König, Managing Director of E.ON Deutschland, said. “Renewables account for more than 80 percent of the electricity that flows through our networks, well above the national average. This demonstrates that E.ON already operates the innovative, efficient energy networks of the future. Each year we invest more than €1 billion to expand our networks in Germany.”

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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