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ET Energy Launches 31.6 MWp of Clustered Solar Projects in Chile

ET Energy Launches 31.6 MWp of Clustered Solar Projects in Chile


SANTIAGO, Chile: ET Energy, a global leading clean energy developer and operator, announces that it has started construction of two solar projects in Chile. These two projects are part of a larger portfolio of ten projects totaling 31.6 MWp, which are developed by ET Energy under Chile’s Program for Distributed Energy (PMGD). A major attraction of PMGD projects is that they suffer from fewer development and distribution challenges than large scale projects.

These two projects are located in the 6th Region of Chile south of Santiago. Each project is 3.168 MWp, provided by 9,600 polycrystalline panels mounted on single-axis trackers. Construction is expected to be finished within 4 months. Four additional projects of similar characteristics will initiate construction in the coming weeks. These projects will create jobs during construction, and inject clean, renewable energy into the national grid, providing electricity to consumers in the area.

Acting as a turn-key solar energy solutions provider, ET Energy has made great efforts to ensure that project development and construction are carried out smoothly, including proactively meeting with local authorities and community leaders to make sure that reforestation plans are in place to minimize the impact of the erection of the power plants.

Latin America is potentially the next booming solar market; forecasts are for over 40GW of solar energy installations by 2021, of which Chile will be significant drivers.

Dennis She, ET Energy’s President and CEO, said, “For us, the development and construction of these two projects demonstrate again our ability to develop and deliver high quality, investment grade solar assets in Latin America. With our global expertise in project development, financing, EPC and O&M, we continue to strive to deliver high quality assets to our clients.”

About ET Energy

ET Energy is a global leading energy solutions provider. With innovative solar technologies and tailored financial solutions, ET Energy provides professional one-stop solutions across the entire solar power plant lifecycle including development, financing, engineering, procurement, construction, and operations & maintenance. To learn more about ET Energy, please visit http://www.etsolar.com.

Source: ET Energy
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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