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Exclusive Interview with Mr. Gautam Mohanka, CEO ​- Gautam Solar Pvt. Ltd.

Exclusive Interview with Mr. Gautam Mohanka, CEO ​- Gautam Solar Pvt. Ltd.


Q1.) How much modules have you supplied to India till now, what is the target/expectation in 2016-2017.

Answer: Well That’s a good question and something we feel proud of, till now we have supplied nearly 75MW of own manufactured modules and have targeted to achieve a figure of 150MW this year.

Q2.) The recent aggressive bidding by various developers keeping Solar Tariffs in the price range of Rs. 4.34-Rs. 5 per KWh in various Solar Tenders… What’s your view on the viability, costs & timeline pressures?

Answer: The Market at this time is producing a healthy competition & this is very good for the industry. This brings innovations & transformation into the solar industry. Well this price range of Solar Tariffs has to be supported by different methods of reducing overall costs for a feasible Business. In case of Gautam Solar we bid on the basis of our manufacturing units with latest technologies. But the bigger challenge which we come across are the expectations of reducing prices which we rely on new technologies & revised pricing for components over the timeline of any project. As well as few desperate entries & inordinate quotes puts the project into loss from the very beginning. To help such entrants Module manufacturers race & compete among themselves by reducing their module costs. This also brings a lot of pressure from the financial stake which leads to compromise on Quality.

Q3.) What will you say for manufacturing set up in India.

Answer: We proudly say that we are a manufacturer & our set up is in Haridwar, India. From the start we always knew that solar industry will grow into the country. Earlier with the establishment we faced few problems to set-up but we knew that our one day or other people will accept that an Organization of their country will produce the products “Made in India” which gives the best efficiency with their Modules & will challenge the world in terms of Quality.

Q4.) Solar Trade Wars: What are the benefits to Indian Manufacturers?

Answer: As told you earlier the rapid growth into industry has brought many new entrants who are too desperate. Well as a manufacturer we can say that in this growing market we can race & compete, take risks on the budgets & financial state. But we have to keep in mind that in this race we can’t compromise on quality.

Q5.) Tell us about your commitment towards Solar Sector in India & your strengths to achieve your targets.

Answer: We are known for our quality & performance. We always aim to keep innovating our products & to always excel in quality, for example- red cornered module for safety of panels. We believe in delivering the best with minimum cost and we follow all the standards as defined by government.
And as an Organization our strength is our dedicated teams for different sections, may it be before delivery Planning, Designing, R&D, Production, Marketing, Sales or after delivery Service, Installation team.

Q6.) What are your plans for India, your view on the GOI target of 100GW Solar Power by 2022?

Answer: Well Gautam solar thanks GOI & our Honorable Prime minister of India, shree Narendra Modi to this ambitious target. The rapid growth into the market encourages us to work harder & bring more advanced, useful & efficient products & solutions to the Indian Market. We are committed towards our contribution to the prosperity of Market & lighting the lives into our Country.

Q7.)What is the size of your company in terms of manufacturing capacities and your future plans towards it?

Answer: We are having 65MW production capacity of our manufacturing unit & will be planning to add one more manufacturing unit with bigger capacity. So that we could increase our reach, but that decision have to be taken very cautiously & after a lot of research as we can’t compromise on our Quality.

Q8.)What are the Top 5 markets for your company in th e past, present & future?

Answer: We believe to work into every sector whole heartedly may it be Solar Lantern, study lamp or power plants. But we basically focus on the segments a) solar panels, b) system integrator, c) solar rooftop system, d) solar water pump system, e) government projects

Q.9) Present some noteworthy projects, case studies of solar plants built using your solar modules.

Answer: As an organization & working in the field from 18 years such questions always urges us to go into deep thought to choose which one we mention & which to leave as we are to attached to our works. However you can consider our projects such as our lanterns used in Kargil war, our plant set up at Jantar Mantar, IIT Kanpur.

Q.11) What makes Gautam solar different from other competitors?

Answer: An organization having 18+ years of experience, giving 25 years of warranty, SP-1A MNRE channel partner, UL certified, proudly Made in India, and having best efficiency and designs of product, continuous innovations like “red corners” on our panels for there safety. These all things and hard working team on every end makes us different from others.

Q.12)Kindly enlighten our readers on the performance of your Modules in India in various geographic locations, customers feedback.

Answer: Yeah that is great, if we are talking about the different locations we have to agree that the efficiency of panel is going to change as per the sunlight being received in the that area. But our panels come with a warranty of 25 years & has a continuous efficiency of 90% for first 10 years and 80% for next 10 years and I think that it is enough to tell about our performance.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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