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Govt ‘delaying’ subsidy on solar panels, consumers fume

Govt ‘delaying’ subsidy on solar panels, consumers fume


GURUGRAM: A number of residents are upset over the “improper” implementation of the rooftop solar power scheme of the Haryana government.
They say they are not getting bills properly and claim the subsidy is not forthcoming either.
Solar rooftop scheme allows consumers to reduce power bills by turning into ‘prosumers’ — who become suppliers during the day by feeding surplus power from rooftop solar panels into the mains and drawing back at night. The scheme was launched in 2014.
But residents say there’s no telling about how much power they are exporting and how much they are importing. They allege that the linemen are not simply trained how to accurately read the meter.

We are not getting bills at all. When I try to check the DHBVN website to generate the bill, it does show the amount, but there is no telling how much we have scored in terms of import and how much we have exported to the grid system of the power discom,” said Vijay Raj Mahajan, a resident of Sushant Lok 1.
Another resident said he was receiving “inaccurate bills.” “I don’t understand why there is so much discrepancy in bills,” said Harsh a resident of Sector 21. “Besides, bills are not reflecting the number of units we have distributed. How do we get to know how about our power generation?”

Tarun Khurana, a resident of Gurugram who heads Loop Solar that deals with solar panel distribution, said such problems were occurring across India. “The real problem is the inadequate training of the linemen. They don’t know how to note down reading from meters. There is no record of how are the consumers faring in terms of generation,” he said.
A senior official from the department of renewable energy acknowledged the problem in generation of bills. “I too have received several reports about the problems the consumers are facing but we are working to resolve the matter. We are forwarding all the complaints to the higher authorities.”

Source : timesofindia
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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