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Growatt won the No.1 award of CREC in China residential & distributed PV market.

Growatt won the No.1 award of CREC in China residential & distributed PV market.


Wuxi Taihu International Expo Center, China, Nov 1~Nov 4—Growatt, the world leading manufacturer and provider of cost-effective photovoltaic inverters with high efficiency, won the No.1 award of CREC in China residential market and distributed PV market , and had a luncheon party for the gathering of PV heroes.

CREC (Chinese Renewable Energy Conference and Exhibition) is an expo of leading solar product manufacturers and suppliers company in China. The theme of the exhibition is “New Town, New Energy, New Life.” It displays the photovoltaics, distributed energy, energy storage, the green car and the charger. Except the display, there are also 1 big conference, 10 Sub-Forums, 3 presentation of awards and press conference, and more than 30 activities of popularization of science, theme training, photography show, green walking, etc. There are 200 speakers, 2500 audiences. The show area is nearly 40,000 square meters, which attracts 400 companies and 40,000 participants.
With the innovative technology and excellent quality, Growatt was outstanding from many PV suppliers. It won the No.1 award in China residential market and distributed PV market, which told that Growatt had a big brand influence as a world leading PV pioneer.

The CREC voting activity and award ceremony has been held for 5 years since 2012, which honors the excellent design solutions, business model, operation achievement and pioneering performance in China PV industry, and greatly encourages the technology innovation and professional communication, as well as speeding up the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. That greatly boosts the whole PV market development.
The awards is organized by PV media Solarbe and Shine solar magazine, which work together with PV association and authorized experts, famous research institutes for the public voting.
To strengthen its leading market position in China, on Nov3, 2017, Growatt set the luncheon party at the show at Wuxi city, and had the conference for the gathering of PV heroes, who shared the PV solutions with our participants.

It was pretty energizing seeing all these seasoned professionals come together from China and the other countries with one clear focus: THE CUSTOMER. Happy to be a part of our big family !

Growatt gathering of PV heroes are started since Jun 2016 around China, which is held in 14 provinces, more than 30 cities. More than 30 conferences of PV training are already held and cover more than 50,000 customers. To solve the difficulties of PV people, Growatt gathering of PV heroes provides the onsite and online service, which is oriented to the customers demand, focusing on PV solutions, type selection of equipment, system design, maintenance service, technical exchange of intelligent energy, etc. Once Growatt gathering of PV heroes starts, it is a burning topic online, and causes much more concern.

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