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How has JinkoSolar become the World’s No.1 Solar Module Manufacturer?

How has JinkoSolar become the World’s No.1 Solar Module Manufacturer?


Solar is no longer a “Back-up” energy, it’s increasingly becoming an alternative primary energy driven by the distinct trend that it is becoming more cost-effective.

“Solar is mankind’s next energy resource.” Mr. Li Xiande, Chairman of JinkoSolar made this bold prediction when the company was founded in 2006. Over the past 10 years, relying on this vision, the company has made many bold choices, all of which were proven right.

JinkoSolar today, is leveraging its advantages with technology to enter spaces it has never even been in before, such as becoming the world’s largest solar module producer, and delivering 6.7GW solar panels to over 80 countries this year. Panels manufactured by Jinko produce ten percent of the world’s solar
electricity. Jinko holds the world record for poly and mono module output, creating a new reliability standard for double 85 PID free. It ranked 16 amongst Fortune’s 100 fast-growing company, and is also the only company in the industry that has reinvented itself through multiple economic cycles.

Jinko does this for one reason: to create differentiating value for its clients, investors, and the world.And it doesn’t stop there; in fact, JinkoSolar is leading a major transformation in the global energy portfolio. The Energy industry is fundamentally re-ordering itself at an unprecedented pace. In response, JinkoSolar is proving to be much more than a “product” company, it is emerging as a “clean electricity and energy service” company. This is a whole new integrated model of innovation, manufacturing, distribution and energy. It provides an open environment for collaboration and rapid scaling, offering not only better products, affordable electricity, and faster services, but also access to multiple electricity relevant data generated — not only about technology, but also from business and societal domains.

We have now entered a new era in energy, and JinkoSolar is positioned to lead it. A historic moment like this 10 year anniversary is exactly what showcases JinkoSolar’s unique character and capabilities in the field of energy. Jinko knows what is required to remain a leader, era after era, as Jinko strongly
understands the requirements of energy transformation“I hope you share our excitement about the company’s 10- year path and the opportunity we have together to fulfill the purpose and the destiny of this great world and of this great company. “

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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