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Innowatts Expands, to Bring High-Tech Innovations to India

Innowatts Expands, to Bring High-Tech Innovations to India


Innowatts, a global leader in energy technology and customer engagement solutions, recentlyannounced that it will be expanding into India to build the first ever Energy Innovation Center. The company’s machine learning models process AMI enabled meters at 15 minute interval loads providing utilities with the means to better manage their business. With Demand Response the next big stabilizer for India’s stressed grid, the global smart grid technology of Innowatts plans to address India’s energy problems.

Innowatts is determined to bring efficiencies and profitability to the Indian utilities. With improved utility performance, electricity users in India will benefit with consistent electricity supply and lower rates. The future Energy Innovation Center will develop advanced options and impacts based on local area weather, individual usage and demographic profiles. This will help the utilities of India with:

  • More accurate load forecasting for better managing their capacity utilization and improved operational efficiencies
  • Tighter forecasts –lower error margins through more effective and dynamic modeling of customer and environmental factors.
  • Customer identification for TOU (time of use) products.
  • Developing complete customer profiles that enable utilities to develop customized products, and resolution strategies.
  • Improved collection ROI via customized communications and alerts.
  • More effective strategies based on the understanding of each customer’s contribution and risk to the business.

We are very excited to bring our technology into a new market,” said Siddhartha Sachdeva, Innowatts Founder and CEO. “As leaders in the utility industry, our track record speaks for itself in the value and innovations that we can bring to companies and spread across the globe. We are pioneering forward in leveraging predictive data science to address major issues facing the industry in India and spur additional growth for the communities.”

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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