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MNRE: Draft National Policy on Geo-Thermal Energy


The energy scenario in India is fast changing with the emphasis given in the XIIth Five  Year  Plan  on  non-conventional  and  renewable  sources  of  energy.  Though  the dominance of fossil fuels, viz. coal and oil will continue in the energy sector for the next few  decades,  the  concern  for  reducing  the  greenhouse  gas  emissions  warrants increasing use of green energy/ non-conventional energy sources as a substitute to oil and coal. Solar energy and wind energy are major contributors of the renewable energy as these resources are widely distributed all over India and are available round the year.Geothermal  energy  is  also  an  additional  source  of  renewable  energy  with  site  specific availability and potentially consistent supply in all the seasons / throughout the year.

For more information pls go through attached PDF…..Draft-National-Policy-on-Geothermal-Energy
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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