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Solar Farm Corporation Raising Investment Capital as ITC Gets Extended

Solar Farm Corporation Raising Investment Capital as ITC Gets Extended


Solar Farm development continues to thrive and grow throughout the US and large-scale solar farm project developer, Innovative Solar Systems, LLC (ISS) is helping to lessen the carbon footprint of this country and strengthen the reliability of the power grid in the US. Now that the Federal ITC is set to be extended into 2020, ISS has increased company plans to expand even faster than earlier anticipated and triple the company’s current 2GW pipeline within 12-36 months to approximately 6GW.

ISS has a portfolio of projects in its pipeline with totals over 2GW, “Partnering with an investment capital investor will enable ISS to become a dominant player in the industry”, states John Green, ISS CEO.  The capital raised will provide ISS with the resources to fully develop an additional 3 to 5 GW of projects within the next 12-36 months. In addition, it will enable the company to fully expand into 12 solar friendly key states and to take some projects through to the NTP and COD stages.Considered one of the most trusted solar developers in the country, ISS uses cutting edge technology in all its developments to ensure its solar facilities will last with minimum maintenance for as long as possible, usually forty (40) years.  This strategy minimizes risk and ensures higher returns for the investor.

ISS is searching for a firm that can invest $100M to $3B in the company to fund this massive corporate expansion. There are only a few solar farm companies in the U.S. with the number of projects that ISS has in the company pipeline.  This potential creates an opportunity over the next five years that would be advantageous for all interested parties and especially now that the Federal ITC is being extended.  ISS will be able to become a dominant player in the market and the investor will have the ability to gain full access to ISS projects as well as receive an attractive rate of return.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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