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Solar Farm Investors Look to ISS for 20MW to 200MW Projects for High IRR’s

Solar Farm Investors Look to ISS for 20MW to 200MW Projects for High IRR’s


Solar Farm companies like Innovative Solar Systems based in Asheville, NC are now capable of supplying the needs of Institutional size Solar Investors with enough 20MW to 200MW Utility size projects on an ongoing basis to satisfy the client’s needs. It appears that every Investment Fund both in the US and Abroad have set up special Renewable Energy Investment funds within their normal funds geared around buying, owning and operating these large scale power plant assets. Investors are racing to buy and build as many of these $50MM to $500MM projects as possible before the Federal Tax Credits go away in 2022. The project based Incentives and 30% Tax Credits more than pay for half of these large investments and due to that fact the returns on Solar Farm projects are some of the best in the market and will continue to be so until 2022.

Solar Farms have become a great short and long term low risk, high rate of return investment for many reasons, 1) Solar power is now cheaper to produce than both coal and natural gas, 2) EPA mandates requiring states and Utilities to bring more Solar Farm power plants on line or pay stiff penalties and fines, 3) The cost of building a Solar Farm project has been reduced by almost 50% over the last several years due to reduction in Solar PV panel costs and more sophisticated construction methods, and 4) With lower project costs and the huge incentives, solar farms are generating investors 3X returns in the short term, 12-36 months and double digit returns if the investors goal is to stay in the deal for the life of the project which is approximately forty (40) years.

Innovative Solar Systems has been a pioneer in the development, design and build of Large Scale Solar Farms here in the United States. The company has almost fifty projects already online and has over two hundred (200) new projects (20MW to 200MW) in various stages of development awaiting financial partners to step in and suck up these assets valued at approximately $10 Billion US Dollars. ISS is a one stop shop for Solar Farm Investors, we develop the sites, procure all of the contracts, design the projects and supply the EPC to build the projects. ISS can sell and deliver Solar Farm projects at “Shovel Ready”, NTP or Full COD and we have the largest pipeline of projects available in the US so contact us recently. For more information regarding these Solar Farm Project Opportunities, you are welcome to contact:

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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