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Sungrow and ABB Enter a Strategic Collaboration in 1500 VoltSolar Market

Sungrow and ABB Enter a Strategic Collaboration in 1500 VoltSolar Market


Sungrow, the world’s largest PV inverter manufacturer, announced to sign a strategic alliance agreement with ABB, deepening cooperation in core products, technical innovation and services.According to the agreement, Sungrow and ABB will make full use of their resources to bring mutual promotion to each other’s products for the next 3 years. They will also co-design a medium voltage inverter container to be used in high performance solar power plants all over the world.Combining ABB’s superior customized medium voltage products, with Sungrow’s high quality inverters, will lead to a partnership that is beneficial for customers all over the world.

Sungrow unveiled its SG3000HV-MV container medium voltage inverter for systems up to 3 megawatts at SNEC 2016. As a perfect solution for 1500 volts solar system, the SG3000HV-MV enables more modules to be connected, dramatically reducing system costs and power generating losses as well as being smarter and friendlier to end users. More importantly, it is easy to maintain in the long term. Simultaneously, the SG3000HV-MV is able to make communication between customers and suppliers more efficient, through combining transformers and inverters in advance. The combination of the optimized inverters from Sungrow and the customized transformers from ABB show the possibilities of joint innovation,.

“Ranked as a Fortune Global 500, ABB is a leading enterprise in electric power and automation technique and its products are widely used all over the world with high performance and good quality. Sungrow is expected to cooperate with ABB to explore the integrating solutions with higher reliability, ensuring higher yields of power plants. ” said Professor Renxian Cao, the President of Sungrow,“I am very confident that this cooperation with ABB, will be hugely beneficial for both parties””We are happy to collaborate with Sungrow to provide sustainable value for our customers in the renewable energy area, “Dr. ChunyuanGu, President and CEO of ABB China, said.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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