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Hawaii Will Power Its Clean Grid With 6,000 Home Batteries Installed by Swell Energy

Swell’s largest contract yet comes after lining up $450 million to aggregate residential solar-battery systems to help the grid. Hawaii’s largest utility enlisted a new tool in its quest for a carbon-free electricity system: thousands of batteries installed in people’s homes. Hawaiian Electric won regulator approval for a $25 million plan to harness solar and […]

U.S. solar industry predicts installations will quadruple by 2030

Canada’s e-Zn Raises Millions to Commercialize Long-Duration Zinc Energy Storage

Startup bets on cheap and abundant zinc — and the emergence of a market for long-duration storage. Canadian startup e-Zn has raised money to store clean energy far longer than currently available batteries allow, using cheap and abundant zinc. On Wednesday, the company received CAD $2 million ($1.5 million) in non-dilutive grant funding from Sustainable […]

RWE Renewables adding 40-MW / 80-MWh storage to its 200-MW solar project in Georgia

5 Tangible Advances for Long-Duration Energy Storage in 2019

The big wins for long-duration storage always seem to be just around the corner. This year brought concrete signs of progress. Following long-duration storage is like rooting for a home team that’s always about to win next year. Lithium-ion batteries utterly dominate grid storage deployments these days. That’s great for the cost decline narrative, in […]

U.S. solar industry predicts installations will quadruple by 2030

Shell Acquires Renewables-Only Power Retailer in UK

Oil major buys Hudson Energy, which supplies 200,000 households with power from renewable PPAs. Oil major Shell acquired another customer-facing electricity and gas provider in the U.K., potentially bolstering its green credentials and renewables procurement expertise in the country. The deal for Hudson Energy, which trades as Green Star Energy, will add 200,000 new customers […]

The Conundrum of Anti-Dumping and Safeguard Duties in the Solar Sector

The Battle for Virginia’s Corporate Renewables Market Heats Up

Dominion Energy is challenging electricity providers that provide a 100% renewables option as it readies its own green offering. Tensions are escalating in Virginia between Dominion Energy, rival electricity suppliers and the state’s growing list of big corporations demanding renewable power. Direct Energy and Calpine, two competitive service providers (CSPs) working in utility Dominion’s Virginia […]

U.S. solar industry predicts installations will quadruple by 2030

Novel low-cost material can harness solar energy efficiently: Study

Scientists have developed a new material that can make solar cells more affordable and efficient, an advance that may allow us to better utilise the most abundant renewable energy. The study, published in the journal Science, describes the new material called a tandem perovskite solar cell which could be used in full-sized solar panels in […]

The Conundrum of Anti-Dumping and Safeguard Duties in the Solar Sector

Why House Democrats Passed a Paris Accord Bill That’s Going Nowhere

Political Climate speaks with Rep. Kathy Castor on passing HR 9, the first meaningful climate change bill to pass the House of Representatives in nearly a decade. Democrats came together last week to present a united front on tackling climate change, but will it matter before 2020? Political Climate speaks with Representative Kathy Castor (D-FL) […]

U.S. solar industry predicts installations will quadruple by 2030

Vermont Utility Green Mountain Power Commits to 100% Renewables by 2030

Utility will “dramatically” boost its in-state renewables portfolio and increasingly lean on storage, expanding on its existing hydropower base. Green Mountain Power has joined the ranks of utilities like Xcel Energy that are working toward 100 percent carbon-free electricity. The Vermont-based utility will target 100 percent carbon-free by 2025 and 100 percent renewables by 2030. […]

U.S. solar industry predicts installations will quadruple by 2030

Puerto Rico Legislature Approves 100 Percent Renewable Energy Target

The law now heads to the governor for signature. Puerto Rico today joined a small, but growing, cohort of jurisdictions pursuing 100 percent renewables when its House of Representatives approved legislation (PS 1121) that revamps the island’s energy system. Hawaii and Washington, D.C. are the only other U.S. localities that have the same ambitious target, […]

Duke Energy and Wells Fargo sign renewable power agreement