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Artificial Intelligence And The Power Sector: A Promising Future

AI powers electrical grids that allow two-way communication between utilities and consumers. Smart grids are embedded with an information layer that allows communication between its various components so they can better respond to quick changes in energy demand or urgent situations. The world is moving towards digitisation. A lot of us across the world are […]

ADB Commits Record $3.92 Billion Loan to India for 13 Projects in 2020

IndiGrid InvIT to acquire Fotowatio Renewable Ventures’ solar assets for Rs 700 crore

  Power Transmission Infrastructure Investment Trust (InvIT) IndiGrid is close to acquiring Fotowatio Renewable Ventures’ solar assets worth Rs 700 crore. This deal will mark IndiGrid’s foray into renewable energy. They will be acquiring 135 megawatt of solar energy assets based in Andhra Pradesh. The solar asset that will be acquired also has a power […]

Webinar: Rajasthan Grid Interactive RE Systems Regulations 2021

IndiGrid ties up with IBM for digital transformation of critical power infrastructure

New Delhi: Infrastructure Investment trust IndiGrid on Thursday announced a multi-year collaboration agreement with IBM to build an artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled asset management platform. The IBM Maximo Application Suite will allow IndiGrid to become future-ready by improving the overall health of its assets and maximise the full potential of their operating life, while adhering to […]

ADB Commits Record $3.92 Billion Loan to India for 13 Projects in 2020

Battery Researchers Look to Artificial Intelligence to Slash Recharging Times

Today’s EV fast-charging technology remains slow by gas-station standards. Faster testing processes for new charging techniques would help. The battery sector is turning to artificial intelligence for clues on how to improve recharging rates without increasing the degradation of lithium-ion batteries. Last month, a team from Stanford University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the […]

Webinar: Rajasthan Grid Interactive RE Systems Regulations 2021

Artificial Intelligence: Disrupting the Energy Sector for the Better

Artificial intelligence (AI) is quickly finding its way into every industry and sector. Today’s supercomputing semiconductor chips can execute thousands of calculations at once. And they do it at speeds of billions of times per second. This means energy, engineering, finance, healthcare, manufacturing, telecommunications and transportation are all benefitting in some form from AI. In 2017, the global AI market was worth […]

Webinar: Rajasthan Grid Interactive RE Systems Regulations 2021

Why artificial intelligence is essential for utilities’ success in the new energy world

Artificial Intelligence, or AI for short, is nothing new; it goes way back to the 1950s. But things are different now; the vast volumes of data and the computing capabilities we have today mean we can do things better. So, what pain points are utilities seeing today that AI can help with? Let me share […]

Webinar: Rajasthan Grid Interactive RE Systems Regulations 2021

Artificial Intelligence Pushes ‘Commoditized’ Wind and Solar Power Into the Money

The last wave of renewable-energy venture investing focused on hardware. Today’s investments are largely in digital technologies, the author writes. In April, for the first time in the U.S., renewables generated more electricity than coal, according to the Energy Information Administration. Now that renewable technologies like wind and solar are largely commoditized, investors and utilities […]

Webinar: Rajasthan Grid Interactive RE Systems Regulations 2021

Drones and Crawling Robots Will Soon Be Inspecting Wind Turbines

Sending humans up cranes or down ropes to inspect wind rotor blades is expensive and potentially dangerous. Robots are coming to help. Lashed by rain and hail, subjected to freezes and thaws, and tested by the sheer girth of towers and blades stretching ever skyward. Much is asked of the wind turbines expected to generate […]

Arctech White Paper: AI Solar Tracking Solutions Give Energy Output a 7% Boost

What Is the Smart I-V Curve Diagnosis 3.0?

In 2019, Huawei launched the AI Boost Smart I-V Curve Diagnosis 3.0, integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology in the field of solar operation and maintenance (O&M) for the first time. The solution uses smart photovoltaic (PV) inverters to scan PV strings to obtain the relationship (I-V curve) between the output voltage and output current. The […]

Webinar: Rajasthan Grid Interactive RE Systems Regulations 2021

Massachusetts policy leads Stem towards 28.2MWh of solar co-located energy storage

Policy in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts favouring the use of clean energy during peak times has brought behind-the-meter energy storage company Stem Inc into the state’s utility-scale solar-plus-storage market. The commercial and industrial (C&I) system provider has partnered with private equity firm Syncarpha Capital Partnership to develop 28.2MWh of large-scale energy storage projects, co-located with […]

Canadian Solar in Partnership With Energy Storage Optimisation Provider Habitat Energy