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Thailand’s PTT, Partners in Blockchain-Based Renewable Energy System

“We founded the Energy Web Foundation and launched the Energy Web Chain because we see blockchain technology as a crucial accelerant of the global energy transition toward distributed, customer-centric, low-carbon systems,” BANGKOK – Thailand’s state-owned energy company, PTT, has partnered with the nonprofit Energy Web Foundation to create a new blockchain-based renewable energy system. Their […]

The Energy Sector Gets Its First Custom-Built Blockchain

Energy Web Foundation’s long-awaited EW Chain goes live this week, as the energy sector takes a leading role in blockchain development. Blockchain’s energy industry promise has come a step closer to reality with the launch of the first public, open-source, enterprise-gradeblockchainfor the sector. The Zug, Switzerland-based Energy Web Foundation (EWF) this week said its blockchain, […]

Japanese utility TEPCO uses blockchain to trial bi-directional energy system of the future

Tokyo’s main power company is using blockchain distributed ledger technology to assess how customers on its new renewable energy tariffs could use solar, batteries and electric vehicles to trade energy via the grid. TEPCO, formerly the monopoly utility supplier and grid operator for a large region surrounding the Japanese capital city, launched TRENDE, a renewable […]